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reckoner reckoner

is it possible to search by date? - 65 views

resolved duplicate suggestion search regression thumbnail list level nest hierarchy

started by reckoner reckoner on 02 Mar 10
  • yc c
    I don't think so but it would be good to have
  • Graham Perrin
    Another user finding difficulty with bookmarks out of order:
  • Susan Rubinsky
    Would love a Date sort! I also would love to organize hierarchical lists. The organization available in Diigo is very very flat. My top 3 features in order of importance would be:

    1. Automatic thumbnailer (not manual screenshot) of all bookmarked sites. Thumbnails then automatically appear in library and lists with the link to the site.

    2. Nested Lists

    3. Date Sorter

    All this is easily do-able from a programming perspective.

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