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Danny Rhay

How to become more visible on Diigo? - 19 views

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started by Danny Rhay on 17 Aug 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Groups, lists etc. are very useful.

    However: my experience of most Diigo groups is that they're end up being push mechanisms with very little two- or multi-way interaction or conversation re: the group bookmarks.

    Some of the groups that I created, I never expected other people to join but in these cases:

    a) there's hopefully close to zero overlap with other groups (I checked before creation, some of the groups are very specific (usually technical))


    b) at least there's the option of people joining to add or edit content.

    (For lists, there's no multi-user addition/edition. People may comment on lists, but I never see this happen.)

    Defocusing from Diigo, ask yourself: how do other online people/groups become visible to you?

    In my case, the answer is usually Google search. If not Google search, some other type of search.

    In Diigo 3 beta there's no option to search multiple groups (you can search for the name of a group, but if you join two or more groups then AFAIK you can't perform a single search of the multiple (to find content that may be one or more).

    So. How to make your content more visible?


    1. If you have an audience in mind, and you don't intend for discussion to be private, then:

    a) use tags (ideally Common Tag format)

    b) encourage your audience to use the RSS feed and WebSlides features at e.g.

    c) encourage audience participation

      — at least, the Comment feature
      — they may prefer to stick their notes to highlights
      — etc..

    2. If you don't have an audience in mind, just gently plough through your bookmarks, annotating, and gradually you'll find community-oriented uses for your bookmarks and/or annotations.

  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

    Mr. Rhay,

    My experience with Diigo is very limited, but having moderated and participated in groups elsewhere, I have found one thing to be true: activity attracts activity, and inactivity preserves itself.

    "Build it and they will come" is something that I've seen a lot of people try - myself included - and, as a strategy, it always seems to fail. But if you go out, find a few friends, and ask them "could you please help me get this group going and I'll owe you" - and maybe have a number of real, enjoyable conversations in the forum, others might be drawn in.

    But be ready to be very patient, because a group can easily take a few years to get going. If you like the people you're trading thoughts with, though, those few years of talking just to them might not seem a burden, and when the group finally really does get going, your sudden success might seem almost to be a free gift.

    I could be wrong, however.

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