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Maguar Guar

How can I bookmark directories/files? - 32 views

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started by Maguar Guar on 17 May 07
  • Maguar Guar
    Hi Maggie and Diigo community

    I like to be able to bookmark my local or LAN directories or files, however when I tried to add it; I get invalid url or just no message. I've tried the usuall file://host/path pattern. Any way to do this?

    I would also like to have the option not to cache my group or private bookmarks for information that is confidential.

    Here is my scenario:
    I would like to bookmark (directories/files) research material that is only available in our local secure network. It's fine that the bookmark will only work when I am at work. Bookmarked information must not be cached.
    With this feature we can start to organize (via Diigo) documents and their relationship to reference material, either ours or the internet. Also, it we could use it to organize material per project (ala tags, etc)
    Lastly, we cannot install any outside software at our site. So, I can only use your digolet.

    I hope the desription made sense.

    Thanks in advance
  • Maggie Tsai
    Please see

    We used to offer a special local cache feature. It was giving us some unexpected complications and problems, so we have disabled it. Until we devote more resources and think of a better implementation, no plan to bring it back anytime soon.

    We certainly appreciate the issue of sensitive corporate info... We will consider developing a commercial enterprise solution with our underlying technology platform - of course, the energy / revenue potential must be worthwhile of our time to allocate resources to shift our priorities to a corporate solution immediately.

    We're open to discussion. Offer us a very compelling case, we will consider it sooner :-)

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