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Gordon Herd

Highlighting not showing in Firefox 3.6 - 72 views

Diigo Bug toolbar firefox resolved

started by Gordon Herd on 23 Jan 10
  • Gordon Herd
    As far as I can see, highlighted text doesn't display as such in Firefox 3.6 using the Diigo toolbar. Highlighted text still saves as an annotation to Diigo, but quite annoying not to see the coloured highlighting on the page.

    I presume will be solved by an updated toolbar?
  • Gordon Herd
    Came across one web page today where highlighting still worked but the next page I tried had the problem as before.
  • yc c
    What kind of page was it?
    Could you tell us the URL?
  • Graham Perrin
    Assume that this one was resolved …
  • Yuri Câmara
    Good Afternoon!
    I have a similar problem and I am not able to fix it. I have two computers with Firefox 3.6. In one of them Diigo works perfectly but when I use the other one,the highlights and the notes don´t appear when I reload a Diigo bookmarked page. The difference between them is the O.S (Win XP and Win Vista) and some Firefox extensions.
    See you!

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