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Firepol Surfer

hide public annotations from this page... not really working - 180 views

spam annotations suggestion hide filter wording public private spam (electronic)

started by Firepol Surfer on 11 Aug 09
  • Firepol Surfer

    I keep seeing unwanted public annotations wherever I go. It seems that diigo attracted the spammers attentions.

    Just go to and you'll see tons of useless comments from some diigo spamming users.

    I want to hide all comments, I want to see only my comments. How?

    I tried the options "this url" > "hide public annotations from this page" and for the moment it work, the day after i come back and still see the public comments. This is annyping.

    Suggestion for improvement: please create an option where the user can select "hide all public comments", in fact I want to see only MY commnts mostly. If I want to see the comments of unknown people for a specific page where I think people have commented something, I'd reactivate the comments for that page only. You see what I mean, the opposite way.

    Of just do an option to make happy both the users (the curious ones, and the anti-spamming ones, like me)

    Thank you for considering this improvement. Diigo is one of my favorite tools and it's a pity that spam is ruining it's user's experience.
  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: Hide public annotations on selected pages: lost preference

    Paolo Brocco wrote:

    > I tried the options
    > "this url" > "hide public annotations from this page"
    > and for the moment it work, the day after i come back and still
    > see the public comments.

    I don't have that problem. This suggests a problem with your installation.

    Please post details to a separate topic, include at least:

    * your operating system, and version
    * your browser, and version
    * the version of Diigo.

  • Ivan Pavlov
    I have the same problem. Fine grained settings, or at least "see only my annotations" is necessary.
  • Graham Perrin
    > Adding to the uncertainty: the misleading word private.

    IMHO it will be impossible to resolve this topic sanely without first stopping misuse of the word private. This stoppage must come from Diigo. Let's see how the forthcoming version looks…
  • Graham Perrin
    Paolo Brocco wrote:

    > I think i understand "Private" clearly and don't misuse it. Who is misusing it?

    Diigo software and services ;)

    > Private annotations are the ones you and only you can see (e.g.
    > links to "secret" websites that you don't want your friends to be
    > able to see in your profile ;) ).
    > Private URLs, the same. Nobody except the user who added them will
    > be able to see them.

    People are too often confused by Diigo's approach to this.

    Things are not equivalent.

    Bookmark ≠ page comment, page comment ≠ sticky note,
    bookmark ≠ floating note,
    bookmark ≠ highlight, highlight ≠ sticky note, etc..

    A bookmark in your own collection of bookmarks is:

    * either public (by default), or private.

    With a public bookmark: all highlights are public.

    With a private bookmark: highlights are not normally revealed.

    Major considerations

    1. The highlights that Diigo describes as private are visible to the
    public through interfaces such as | Expand All

    2. If you stick a public note to a highlight, then that highlight will become visible through additional interfaces.

    IMHO Diigo's description of highlights as private is misleading, as demonstrated by point (1).

    Essential reading:
    Private highlights are not private; they're public at Diigo About and elsewhere;
    the plan there is to use the word personal in lieu of the word public.

    FWIW my own opinion is that users are too often unaware of, or confused by, the whole private/personal/public/group caboodle in Diigo. I would prefer to see a highlight described as simply a highlight. One simple word. Add to the description only if necessary.

  • Firepol Surfer
    Sticky notes from facebook appear again, I noticed when browsing this url (but it happens randomly, I can't reproduce this when I want):

    Till now my blocked pages were these 2:

    Let's see if adding also will help (to make this problem vanish forever)... then people will begin to add in google, then in gmail, then ... I mean if there would be the option to disable them all I would not need to block all pages from the internet...
  • Graham Perrin
    > Suggestion: seeing only one's own annotations
    > Paolo Brocco wrote:
    >> I want to see only my comments.
    > +1 to that idea.

    See also
    Support of hiding unwanted comments and highlight of other users

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