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Lamarck Jean

Has the "about" link been removed? - 20 views

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started by Lamarck Jean on 16 Oct 09
  • Lamarck Jean

    In older diigo versions we have the "about" link near every bookmark but I didn't find it in this new version of diigo.

    Has been removed for a particular reason?

    This is the link that I am looking for near every bookmark
  • yc c
    Can't see it either... So I added it to Yubnub.

    An other thing I miss is the "most bookmarked sites" on profile pages.
    That section enabled me to quickly see if the person is doing self promotion or spamming - to find out if I should accept him/her in my group.

    About Yubnub:

    If you don't know about Yubnub, it worth checking it out.
    Gains time and is my preferred search engine! Love it - such a smart idea! =D

    There are several Diigo Yubnub commands

    To use, just add Yubnub open search - In Firefox just click in the searchbox menu Add "Yubnub search"
    and when you want to see an about page:

    enter: dabout URL (eg.: dabout

    If you want to bookmark a page, enter: diiadd URL

    If want to search...

    Diigo, enter: diigo keyword

    Your Diigo Library, enter: mydiigo keyword

    Google, enter: g keyword

    Yahoo, enter: y keyword

    Wikipedia, enter: wiki keyword

    If you want to find a command to search, for example enter: ls


    The thing is, you have to remember each command ( that 'g' is for google... and all the others)

    | UPDATE:
    | Here's a set of Diigo bookmarklets , also the view the about page
  • Lamarck Jean
    I don't understand many things, the older version has some problems and this new version has solved some of them but has created new problems and removed very usefull features.

    I have a list of some features and interface changes that have gone to worst. I really don't understand what is the reason of this changes, if they are done consciusnes or perhaps a little lapsus.

    Sorry for my english
  • Graham Perrin
  • Lamarck Jean
    Perhaps people who created diigo would add the "about" link in Meta page?

    "About" link provides information that is not visible in Meta page.

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