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Lamarck Jean

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started by Lamarck Jean on 30 Sep 09
  • Lamarck Jean
    First problem:

    In My library I select a tag and then diigo shows me a list of related tags. I can select some of them to filter the search better. Well, in diigo v3 we have 2 usefull features that diigo v4 has lost.

    a) A simply view of selected tags: In diigo v3 we can see in the top right which tags are marked or selected. Exactly we had two sites. One site to see the related tags and other site to see wich tags we have selected. In both sites we have the (+) and (-) symbol to add or remove some tag. In diigo v4 I don't have anything that shows me which tag I have selected, just the writted words in the tag search box. My opinion is that if the related tags are visible, the selected tags should to be visible too in the interface and not just in the search box.

    b) The most usefull and intuitive for me that allows us to go back in the tag adding process. With the symbol (-) we can go back and remove some concrete tag and try again with other related tags.

    Example of b)

    Selecting science, diigo shows me some related tags with science like biology, interactive, education, resources, etc. I select the second tag interactive and later a third tag education. I have filtered my search by "science + interactive + education". And here begins the problem. What I have to do If I want to remove the tag "interactive" and change it for "resources"?

    In diigo v3 we just have to remove the tag "interactive" by clicking (-) and then select the tag "resources", that's all, only two mouse movements, click (-) on interactive and click (+) on resources..This is the easiest and fastest way.

    But, which is the way in diigo v4 to do the same process? The absence of (-) symbol force us to manually remove the tag in the search box. Go to the search box, put the mouse over the tag, delete manually the word with keyboard, push return key...too much steps for us. We have to use the mouse and keyboard. One click of mouse to put the cursor over the tag and two different keys to remove (backspace) and reload (return) the page. Not usefull I think.

    This is my firs overview of diigo v4 and I am not entirely satisfied.

    Hi graham, I think that my english is better that my last time, LOL

    PD: I have seen that this new forum version doesn't autocomplete the tags when we are writting. That's right?
  • yc c
    Agree the + and - were very useful! I used to use them all the time.
  • Joel Liu
    Thanks. We are looking into this design issue.
  • Lamarck Jean
    Thank you very much Joe for add the + and + in tags

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