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Nick Drew

Diigo in Chrome - lacking many features found in Firefox - 50 views

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started by Nick Drew on 19 Apr 12
  • Nick Drew

    I've had to switch to Chrome at work simply because my computer simply wasn't fast enough to run Firefox without noticeable slowdown. I use Diigo on a *very* regular basis so it was disappointing to see the implementation in the Chrome store.

    I understand there are reasons behind this, Chrome runs on Webkit so I'm guessing things such as one click saving won't be available, but how about:

    1) Easy way to view recent bookmarks in an overlay without disrupting current browsing

    2) An option to turn off the pop-up that appears when you select text

    3) Right clicking a URL presents an option to save that link to Diigo

    I love Diigo, and would be very happy if these features could somehow be introduced. Thanks!
  • Nick Drew
    By the way, just swapping the 'My Library' with the 'Feedback' link would instantly make the extension a lot more usable IMO

    Thanks :)
  • Hanspeter Helfer
    I agree, at least hiding the diigo bar and still being able to highlight text would be real nice.
  • Dora Bennett
    Is there any fix to this? sometimes i still experience this lack?

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