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Lamarck Jean

Dictionary of tags in "my lists" - 16 views

lists tags dictionart suggestion

started by Lamarck Jean on 14 Jul 09
  • Lamarck Jean
    We can predefine a dictionary tags for our groups. For example in my group "Scepticims & Atheism", I predefined some tags that diigo suggest me when I'm going to save a bookmark in this group.

    Visual example, sorry I have no experience with image edition.

    My suggestion is to make the same with lists. When we create a new list, we type some keywords to define the list.

    Visual example
  • Graham Perrin
    Already: bookmark dialogues are too full, too tall.

    A good place for this feature might be:

    * within the list
    * select bookmarks
    * opt to add tags for the list† to the selected bookmarks.

    † Not to be confused with the broader cloud of tags for bookmarks within the list.

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