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Yoni Blumberg

Customize bookmarking window? - 24 views

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started by Yoni Blumberg on 30 Oct 09
  • Yoni Blumberg
    Is it possible that we could customize what options show in the toolbar bookmarking window? While I understand the importance of the legibility and utility concerns, I almost never share to a group yet often would like to add to multiple lists directly from the bookmarking window. If users could choose to get rid of some saving options and have others present it would be a more personalized and useful tool.

    However, I recognize I am coming at this from a designers perspective without the prerequisite coding knowledge to know if this is "pie-in-sky" or practical...
  • Graham Perrin
    First: imagine a streamlined bookmark dialogue.
    Some mock-ups from a few months ago (long before Diigo 4) at

    Then: imagine a personalised Diigo Meta view, for example
    but instead of focusing on the
    Comments tab, your personalised meta focuses on a
    Lists tab.

    If a standard (or streamlined) bookmark dialogue could step
    to a focused (meta) view of the bookmark — with ability to add to multiple lists — would that be good?
  • Graham Perrin
    IMHO there's already too much in the bookmark dialogue
    (e.g., unresolved and other topics) so the question is:

    * if the per-user customisation is not in the bookmark dialogue
    * then, where best to fit those customisations?

    I imagine a server-side preference, set by the user (not a default) that allows a click on the Save button (within the bookmark dialogue) to step forward to a page that:

    * focuses on the bookmark
    * allows the user to do what they want with that bookmark
    * has room for customisation.

    In Diigo 4.0 beta: the only UI to a bookmark is Diigo Meta, so that page is a likely candidate.

    > Add to multiple lists

    I'll add a mock-up to , feel free to add your own mock-ups, the more the merrier :)
  • Yoni Blumberg
    I do not know what Diigo Meta is...

    I replied at

    Also, if I am understanding you correctly, you are suggesting a window where I can bookmark a page as I do now, that, when save is clicked, redirects me to an entirely new webpage (instead of leaving me on the page I just bookmarked), that is more like the "about" page Furl had where I could *then* add a bookmark to multiple lists? If so, I think this should be a new button in addition to the Save button--e.g. Save & Customize. Also, I am still wondering if it is possible to allow users to customize what options show up by default in their bookmarking window that is launched from the toolbar. If anyone can respond to that directly, I would love to hear what you have to say.

  • Graham Perrin
    At (2010-07-20):

    > We … will add this feature request in our to-dos.

    Cross-references and more, including a topic (not found at the moment) with a screen shot of a bookmark dialogue that's too large for the computer.

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