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Graham Perrin

Community bookmarks (buzz/hot): recognising a bookmark - 34 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 31 Oct 09
  • yc c
    You mean Search Diigo users of interest

    In fact it's generally on the annotated link that I want to know most, and there not all show up.
    like this one where 3543 users have bookmarked
    I won't even think of searching for myself though all that!

    I was thinking more like the 'save' button becoming 'edit'

    You'd think these are all the same, but they are not
  • yc c
    OK, this topic seems to have not gotten any attention from Diigo employees...

    At first I though that the 'Save' button could become 'Edit' like at delicious,
    but even adding a 'MY other bookmarks from this site' will be a great help.

    I lose so much time searching my bookmarks to find out if  I've already bookmarked a community bookmark.

    Why I want to find out?

    If I re-bookmark one I have already, it will either show up as new in the timeline,
    or worse: it's not exactly the same URL and then I'll have two.
    OK, some duplicates I won't mind, but I wouldn't want it to be more than 3%
    = > I don't want to find myself opening a same URL by mistake several times.
    And browsing 'Bookmarking history' or using 'Other bookmarks from this site'
    is simply not an option if there are hundreds usernames.

    Does this not disturb everybody that use community bookmarks for discovery?

    PLEASE consider doing something... or tell me how I can quickly find my bookmark on a meta page like this

    @Graham Perrin
    > we don't need to see what we have already bookmarked; such bookmarks could be omitted.
    ?!! What do you mean we don't need it!?

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