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Student Resources | Writing Center | Cedarville University, a Christian College - 1 views

    Cedarville's writing center offers tutoring guides to papers in specific disciplines: lab reports in engineering, legal briefs, literary analysis, marketing, criminal justice, and many other fields.
Tom Halford

SelectedWorks - Jo Mackiewicz - 2 views

    Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works:

    "Instruction, Cognitive Scaffolding, and Motivational Scaffolding in Writing Center Tutoring"


    "Questioning in Writing Center Conferences"
Amber Slater

The Breakroom Episode 6: The Required Visit with Dirk Calloway - 1 views

    Video summary: "Dirk Calloway visits the Writing Center only because it's required. Jaymie assumes the worst about Dirk and their appointment goes horribly. Jaymie gets advice from her fellow peer writing tutors and learns how to work productively with Dirk."
Tom Halford

The Writing Center and the Parallel Curriculum - 0 views

    Green 2.1

Southern Discourse in the Center 19.1 Fall 2014 - 0 views

    ■ "We Also Ofer Online Services at":
    Althusserian Hails and Online Writing Centers
    Alan Benson
    ■ Situated Design for Multiliteracy Centers: A Rhetorical
    Approach to Visual Design
    Sohui Lee
    ■ Back to the Center: University of North Carolina
    Greensboro's Digital ACT Studio
    Lindsay Sabatino
    ■ Yes...And With Me: Mutuality and Improvisation as
    Methods for Consultant Development
    Kerri Bright Flinchbaugh
    ■ Training Speech Center Consultants: Moving Forward
    with a Backward Glance
    Linda Hobgood
    ■ Promoting Independence: Conducting Efcient
    Sessions with Learning-Disabled Students
    Ory Alexander Owen
Lee Ann Glowzenski

Harris: Teaching One-to-One: The Writing Conference - 0 views

    Publication Information: Harris, Muriel. (2015). Teaching One-to-One: The Writing Conference. WAC Clearinghouse Landmark Publications in Writing Studies: Originally Published in Print, 1986, by National Council of Teachers of English, Urbana, Illinois. This groundbreaking book offers advice for teachers new to conferencing, experienced teachers seeking to refine or expand their approaches to conferencing, and tutors working in writing centers. Since it was published in 1986, it has become one of the most widely cited books on conferencing. Harris offers a theoretical framework for conference teaching, descriptions of activities typical of and central to writing conferences, advice on diagnostic strategies for individualized instruction, and instructional strategies. Discussions in the book borrow from a wide range of fields, including counseling and therapy, cognitive science, anthropology, and education. In appendices, she includes a set of teaching materials that can be useful in tutor and teacher training.
Tom Halford

Tutors: A Site for Multiliteracies | Vol 2 | Iss 1 - 3 views

    The second issue of tutors includes fiction, poetry, memes, and an Instagram page about tutoring and tutors.
Tom Halford

Existensialism in the Writing Center: The Path to Individuality - 2 views

    Joseph Hill

    University of California Davis

    From Praxis: "Being a philosophy minor and English major, I constantly look at interactions that take place between the different disciplines and ways in which life can be approached from a philosophical standpoint. Existentialism is a philosophy that piqued my interest with its reliance on the precedence of the individual and the consequentiality of man's choices."
Tom Halford

An Outreach First - 0 views

    A consulting article from the Praxis back issues.
Tom Halford


    Gabrielle Seeley
    University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    From Praxis: "A writing center consultant explores strategies for empowering students writers. When I began training to work in the Writing Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), I perceived it to be an inherently feminist learning space."
Tom Halford


    Jessica MurrayFlorida Atlantic University
    From Praxis: "When ESL writers write, they are attempting to be heard in an academic community. One of the academy's shortcomings is its disinclination to hear from writers who struggle with academic discourse. In a contact zone, such as a university that includes accomplished and novice academics, communication becomes a casualty (particularly with novices whose first language is not English)."
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