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anja c. wagner

Santtu's Painterly 3D Illustrations Go Pop! - 7 views

    Visual News is a publication featuring artists who are doing great work. Visual News also serves as an outlet for Column Five to publish visual representations of newsworthy events.
Fred Delventhal

widgenie - Home - 0 views

    Take your data and transform it into visual information that can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Your wish is our command!

    Widgenie empowers everyone, from bloggers to business people, to quickly visualize data and share it in many different ways. Now you can publish data in the places you already know and love, places like iGoogle, Facebook, Blogger, and even your own website. We combine all the power of an enterprise-level business intelligence platform and provide it in a convenient Web 2.0 widget.

    It's simple to get started, all you need is the Internet, a browser and an understanding of your needs. Are you:

    * A blogger who wants to make their latest poll data pop right off the page?
    * A marketing rep who needs to share sales figures without waiting for IT?
    * A Sales manager who wants his team to update their own client data?
    * A soccer coach who needs an easier way to display the most recent stats?

    If so, then widgenie is the service for you. With just a quick rub of the lamp, all your data can easily be visualized and shared with everyone who needs it. Best of all, you can do it all by yourself! And it's free!
Fred Delventhal

Instructify » Blog Archive » Dress Up Your Data with These Visualization Methods - 0 views

    Are you looking for a new look for your data? Are you tired of the same old boring bar graph? Do you wonder if you have the right visual for the occasion? Will a line graph tell the story, or would a Venn diagram do a better job?
Fred Delventhal

Information Design Patterns - 0 views

    advanced mode of visual literacy is not just reading graphs and charts but when it's appropriate to use them.
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