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Garth Holman

Free Technology for Teachers: 17 Free Tools for Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos - 0 views

    List of 17 great free tools for classroom use.  
Garth Holman

Productivity Tools - Learning Telecollaboratively - 1 views

    Online, Notetakes, mindmapping, calendars, and other tools for productivity use. 
Shawn Krucek

Math Tools and Calculators - 1 views

    • Shawn Krucek
      Math tools.
Garth Holman

4 No-Cost Tools for Educators -- THE Journal - 0 views

    • Garth Holman
      Also see next page. 
  • Technology doesn't have to be expensive. Just ask John Kuglin, a long-time tech guru who shows educators how to tap into myriad free Web resources that can be used in and out of the classroom
  • Enhanced video production and distribution. Mozilla's Popcorn Maker i
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  • Keeping content on hard drives just isn't an option anymore, according to Kuglin, who points to Dropbox, Google Drive, and
Jenny Sommers

20 Tools for the Social Classroom (ages 5-18) « Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies - 0 views

    a list. i like lists.
Garth Holman

Web 2.0 Guru - Web 2.0 Resources - 1 views

    Great resource for new tools 
Michael O'Connor

Getting Started - ISTE Community - 0 views

  • This open community is for ISTE members and the wider educational community. It’s here to facilitate learning, networking, and sharing for anyone with an interest in educational technology. Two heads are better than one, and we think the more heads, the better!
  • What can I do here? Spiff up your profile page: In the right navigation, click Settings and tell us about yourself, your work, the web 2.0 tools you use, and what you like to do. Most of all, have fun customizing your page!  Watch this great Getting Started video  Join a group: Looking for like-minded individuals? We have special interest groups, tools, and topics—there’s a group for every interest!  Start or join a discussion: Ask a question, give advice, or leave a comment for a friend.  Write a blog: Got a lot on your mind? Consider writing an ongoing blog and reading others’ posts and comments
  • ISTE Community is a public network
Garth Holman

Dr. Alice Christie's Educational Technology Guide - 1 views

    Huge list of tools broken down by Dr. Alice by topics. 
Garth Holman

Create What people think I do, What I really do | meme images builder - 1 views

    Cool tool for sterotypes. 
matt swango

Sweet Search - 1 views

    learning tools
Kimberly Kinnan

Hooda Math - | Diigo - 0 views

    Interactive math games~great interactive learning tool. My kids love this site!
Holly Johnson

Comics - 2 views

shared by Holly Johnson on 28 Jan 12 - No Cached
  • Create fully animated comics online with Kerpoof. Choose from a library of scenes and characters, add animation, movement, as well as music and speech bubbles to bring a story idea to life. Extremely intuitive menu bar and helpful video tutorials make this tool quite useful. A key feature is a Teacher Account that allows teachers to register students and create classes where students can collaborate on creations
  • oondoo is another tool to create comics quickly. You can opt for a free
  • Pixton offers both a free account for personal use and an education platform with a unique pricing structure. There are a number of features provided with the Pixton education platform. Teachers can create a class, add students and assign a project all within the Pixton platform. Also, students can be signed up without and email account. Once created, comics can be printed, downloaded, embedded or shared online. The Pixton platform is also certfied for use on Smart and Promethean interactive white boards
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    • Garth Holman
      Hi its Garth
  • They prompt students to decipher meaning, purpose, and tone. They also provide creative possibilities for differentiated learning and expression. Moreover, successful cartoonists need a wide range of skills: researching, drawing, writing, computing, storyboarding, and designing. Cartoonists need to make their stories engaging and persuasive.
    • Holly Johnson
      There are some content standard ideas in this paragraph that can easily be targeted in a lesson!
    this is a resource to find ways to teach to today's modern and techno savvy generation.
Jennifer Bernal

Polls & Surveys - 0 views

  • Google Form is an online poll and survey creation tool that is free and part of Google Docs
  • Create, format, edit, and publish a poll or survey online.
  • nsert varied questions types: text, paragraph, multiple-choice, checkboxes, choose from a list, grid, scale
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  • See responses instantaneously in real-time.
  • See responses in graph format or in spreadsheet.
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