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Adildi ldinlio

ASP.NET Solutions - 23 Case Studies|free ebooks download - 0 views

    ASP.NET Solutions - 23 Case Studies free download at the best library for free ebooks download.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

SocialText Joins Corporate Twitter Trend - 0 views

    We've delivered social messaging in a way that delivers an integrated value proposition, which will take us into different use cases than just having a room where people can have conversations," Socialtext founder Ross Mayfield said in an interview.
Tamura Jones

Catching a ReTweet Thief? - 0 views

    ReTweet Research Techniques. Case Study.
Andrew Long

Should Twitter Verify Celebrity Accounts? | Mashable - 0 views

    Mashable looks at recent case where the Dalai Lama was impersonated on Twitter.
Jeff Johnson

I Like Plurk Better Than Twitter, But Should I Even Bother? - 0 views

    Enter Plurk; it's another Twitter clone which takes the Twitter concept and puts it on a timeline. The service has an odd, quirky feel to it; it's much more visual than Twitter, and it's fun to use. It uses colors to emphasize your 'moods', and it introduces the concept of karma, which should be familiar to Reddit users; the more you use the service, the more karma you get. In this case, karma even lets you unlock certain features, which almost feels like a mini game (if you like very boring mini games). Finally, just like Pownce, Plurk lets you divide your friends into "cliques", which is just a fancy word for groups.
Zhifeng Sun

Twitter: A Case Study on Social Media Relations at Emergence Media - 0 views

  • “Linkerati” (Highly vocal and connected influencers)
    • Zhifeng Sun
      "...eciprocation is a natural component of human relationships. It's not strange to find it in social media"
  • 3 different types of Twitters: Conversational, News Item and Reputation Monitoring Twitter Users
Elizabeth Koh

Clever Twitter Accounts - Twitterers that make you say, "Now I get it!" - 12 views

    Set-up by twitter executives, this site highlights uses of twitter.
Andrew Long

The Case Against Twitter, By The Numbers | Silicon Valley Insider - 0 views

    A spurious collection of numbers presented as way to show that Twitter is not doing as well in terms of numbers as the hype would suggest. What's you interpretation?
W4W Toronto

White Terrorist Was Planning To Bomb G20 Summit @urbantoronto - 1 views

Byron Sonne nerdy computer specialist & now common-law wife, Kristen Peterson arrested in #G20 case - #toronto #terrorist

twitter G20 terrorist socialmedia education toronto

started by W4W Toronto on 24 Jun 10 no follow-up yet
Gianto Widianto

It's Time To Start Thinking Of Twitter As A Search Engine - 0 views

  • I told him what I thought of Twitter as a micro-blogging service: it’s a collection of emotional grunts. But it’s wonderful nonetheless. And enough people are hooked on it that Twitter has reached critical mass. If something big is going on in the world, you can get information about it from Twitter. Twitter also gathers other information, like people’s experiences with products and services as they interact with them. A couple of months ago, for example, I was stuck in the airport and received extremely poor service from Lufthansa. I twittered my displeasure, which made me feel better - at least I was doing something besides wait in an endless line. I’ve also Twittered complaints about the W Hotel (no Internet, cold room) and Comcast (the usual Internet gripes).
Gianto Widianto

Twitter: We Can Do What Google Can't - Advertising Age - Digital - 0 views

  • Twitter sees lucrative opportunities in search, albeit a different kind of search than what Google offers, and, as co-founder Biz Stone told Ad Age recently, "we'll certainly be exploring those." It's because of the potential it sees in search that the Twitter co-founders walked away from a $500 million offer from Facebook -- not just the terms of the deal, said Todd Chaffee, an Institutional Venture Partners general partner and a new Twitter backer. He said contrary to some reports, Facebook offered not just stock but substantial cash in the deal.
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