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Tracy Viselli

taking a break - tweetpeek - 0 views

    hopes this comes back up because you can work with twitter groups.
Tracy Viselli

Twitter Groups! - 0 views

    message followers all at once instead of one at a time, by groups you create
Tracy Viselli

tweetworks - 0 views

    private twitter groups
Jeff Johnson

I Like Plurk Better Than Twitter, But Should I Even Bother? - 0 views

    Enter Plurk; it's another Twitter clone which takes the Twitter concept and puts it on a timeline. The service has an odd, quirky feel to it; it's much more visual than Twitter, and it's fun to use. It uses colors to emphasize your 'moods', and it introduces the concept of karma, which should be familiar to Reddit users; the more you use the service, the more karma you get. In this case, karma even lets you unlock certain features, which almost feels like a mini game (if you like very boring mini games). Finally, just like Pownce, Plurk lets you divide your friends into "cliques", which is just a fancy word for groups.
Zulkarnain K.

FlockUp : Find Similar Twitter Users - 0 views

    Twitter is a big place. A real big place. When you first join, it can be a little overwhelming. Who do you follow? How do you find other twitters with similar interests? FlockUp is here to help you answer these questions. Here, you can: * Create a flock. Examples include: - A topic of interest: ruby - An event: webinno20 - A location: boston * Add 'flockers' to a flock. This just means adding a twitter user to a 'flock'.
Lisa Thumann

Twitly - 0 views

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