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Anne Weaver

Mobile MakerSpaces in Action (Video) | Adjusting Course - 10 views

    The entire concept is really quite simple.  The Mobile MakerSpace carts that line the hallway leading into our Media Center are capable of transporting new opportunities and tools to virtually any …
Jamin Henley

Amidst a Mobile Revolution in Schools, Will Old Teaching Tactics Work? | MindShift - 5 views

  • unless traditional teaching practices morph to adapt and fully take advantage of what mobile devices can afford, some fear the promise will go the way of all the technology collecting dust in the corner of the classroom
  • “We are using new technology to implement old pedagogy
  • Having the apps sitting on your phone on your desk in and of itself isn’t going to make you smarter, and it won’t make the classroom more anything,” she said. “It’s what you do with it, and how it’s supported, how teachers and students know to learn, to use those tools. It’s part of a complex nature of learning
    With all these direct applications for learning, it's easy to justify using mobile devices in school. But what real and lasting effect will they have on the "formal" learning equation?
Judy O'Connell

Nearpod - the mobile classroom - 16 views

  • Nearpod is an interesting new service that teachers can use to create, deliver, and monitor student use of educational content on iPads and iPods. Nearpod is still in a closed beta (they are looking for pilot schools), but what I have gathered about it so far indicates that teachers use it to create quizzes, polls, Q&A activities, and instructional presentations. Teachers using Nearpod to deliver quizzes and polls can look at students' responses individually or in aggregate.
Fran Bullington

mobilary - home - 16 views

    Mobilary is a project of the Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries & Information Services. Its purpose is to provide recommendation for the implementation of mobile technologies in our district's school library programs to successfully impact teaching and learning. Through the collective experiences of our librarians combined with action research and data collection, we will develop a body of best practices and knowledge related to these technologies.
Anthony Beal

Download the free Mobipocket eBook Reader software to read on your PDA and Smartphone. - 8 views

    Software to convert to and read e-books
cloud jack

What Goes Wrong in my Mobile App Development - 0 views

This was my first and last service offered by a third party vendors

Mobile App Development

started by cloud jack on 21 Feb 11 no follow-up yet
Donna Baumbach

stickybits - tag your world™ - 9 views

    attach info to a barcode - read with smartphone

    See ideas for using it in the library at
    from VOYA
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