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Cathy Oxley

The Game Believes in You | Greg Toppo | Macmillan - 8 views

    Book - 'Games give people a chance to learn at their own pace, take risks, cultivate deeper understanding, fail and want to try again-right away-and ultimately, succeed in ways that too often elude them in school..'
Antonietta Neighbour

This Is the Future of Book Marketing - 6 views

    Thomas Loud is a passionate dude. He's intelligent, adventuresome and well-intentioned in his quest to save the world. He's also completely fictional. And yet his Twitter account, @ThomasLoud, posts two or three tweets a day - usually about some obscure or seemingly dangerous mission overseas.
Vivian Harris

The UC Book Project : UC Book : University of Canberra - 1 views

    Interesting idea having all uni students, staff and feeder year 12 students reading same book. Certainly in my small village a book club which maybe 1/3 population belonged to certainly gave us a conversation starter in the shop.
Allison Burrell

Book Buddy Digital Media | Hear & Read Intervention - 19 views

    "A research-based approach to reading intervention, The Book Buddy Hear & Read program pairs print content with audio, using the accessible, enabling technology of the GoReader™. Pre-loaded with audio, simple to operate, and affordable. Individualize instruction, despite overcrowded classrooms. Self-driven support, through simple technology, scaffolds instruction while building confidence. Hear & Read helps students develop phonemic awareness and fluency by synchronizing the image of a word with the sound of that word, and ultimately, the meaning of that word. Tablets and smart phones are amazing multi-function units. You can take photos, watch movies, surf the web, and play Angry Birds(c). The GoReader™ has one function: to support a striving reader without distractions. This simple, personal, educational tool is priced so that every student has access. The best solution for striving readers is the one that helps them learn to read - period."
James Whittle

Book Art | Off Book | PBS - YouTube - 9 views

    "Books are in a conflicted state. Should they still exist in a digital era? Will they all be replaced by Kindles and Nooks? These questions dominate the discussion of books in our time. A select group of artists, who use books as their medium, engage this discussion from another angle. From pop culture pop-ups, to surreal sculptural stories, to reformations of antique sacred texts, these creators re-envision what the experience of a book can be. At times playful, and other times profound, this episode explores the boundaries of one of the most important human creations. "
Dennis OConnor

Smashwords - School Libraries: What's Now, What's Next, What's Yet to Come - A book by ... - 24 views

  • School Libraries: What's Now, What's Next, What's Yet to Come
  • A crowdsourced collection of over 100 essays from around the world about trends in school libraries written by librarians, teachers, publishers, and library vendors.
    free e-book
Cathy Oxley

Web Extra: Collaborative Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension | ALA Editions - 20 views

    Outstanding Cathy. This has always been one of my favorite tools.
Marita Thomson

YouTube - That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott - 0 views

    Kim Scott talking about his novel, That Deadman Dance. This video, from PanMacMillan, is just Scott talking with a river backdrop. Thought provoking. 6mins 
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