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Donna Baumbach

MashPlant - Studio - 15 views

    "MashPlant Studio is a 21st century education tool that promotes creativity and collaboration in your classroom and at home."

    Read more here  "Teachers create one or more studios - small, private social networks - and invite their students to join via assignments on the teacher's blog. Teachers maintain a degree of control to keep order if necessary."
Bright Ideas

Brave new world - 2 views

    Tania Sheko's personal learning blog - a fantastic read for all teachers and teacher librarians.
Donna Baumbach

Students, Ownership, & Creativity: 35 Resources | Teacher Reboot Camp - 19 views

    These tools motivate students to learn, share, and develop presentation and collaboration skills needed in their future careers. Teaching them how to do this now means we are preparing them for their future effectively! Rarely will a student have to fill out a bubble test for their careers, but trust me many will have to prepare presentations, brainstorm ideas, be creative, and collaborate on teams through ICTs.
Jason Epstein

Novlet - Collaborative non linear story writing - 24 views

    This was highlighted in Tech & Learning Magazine. I see this as a potentially powerful tool for writing and collaboration.
Ginger Lewman

YouTube - I Need My Teachers To Learn - 0 views

    Poignant song for our times.
    Download the QT version here:
    Visit my sites for more stuff!
Donna Baumbach

Digital Booktalk - 1 views

    UCF - imilar to movie trailers, video book trailers are short, minute and a half to two-minute videos that introduce the basic storyline. They differ from book reports captured on video in that in these productions the story is re-enacted with artistic and creative decisions made by the director as to what parts of the story are presented.\n\nTEACHERS: Are you interested in creating your own book trailers and posting the on this site? UB the Director is a curriculum model that answers the inevitable question from your students: "Why do I have to read the book if I can watch the movie about it instead?" Our curriculum teaches you and your students how to visualize the books being read and how to utilize the story invention process to create your own video book trailers. By registering, we will provided guidance on how to create video book trailers and how to add them to the Newbie's Corner our site.
Fran Hughes

Creatively Speaking, Part One: Sir Ken Robinson on the Power of the Imaginative Mind | ... - 0 views

    This video is the first part of a two-part presentation. To learn more, view the second part.

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