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Carla Shinn

Curation As a Tool for Teaching and Learning - 12 views

    "Storify harnesses curation's role in telling a story by providing a linear platform and the opportunity to link related content with the curator's own text. (Mihailides and Cohen, 2013). Making a story out of linked multimedia content requires media literacy skills of analysis, evaluation and creation."
Carla Shinn

So-Called "Digital Natives" Not Media Savvy, New Study Shows - 29 views

    "In Google we trust." That may very well be the motto of today's young online users, a demographic group often dubbed the "digital natives" due their apparent tech-savvy. Having been born into a world where personal computers were not a revolution, but merely existed alongside air conditioning, microwaves and other appliances, there has been (a perhaps misguided) perception that the young are more digitally in-tune with the ways of the Web than others.
Storm Snaith

Chicago Digital Library - 22 views

  • In the first stage, teens are mostly text-messaging or instant-messaging friends and haunting sites such as Facebook — what the researchers call a "lightweight means" of maintaining friendships. "Messing around" begins when teens take an interest in media itself: composing music, editing photos or shooting video, driven more by interests than a desire to be with friends. "Geeking out" involves using new media in an "intense, autonomous and interest-driven way" that often leaves friends in the dust as teens seek out experts for help.
    Is this what libraries will look like in ten years' time?
    three stages of consumption and creation, informally dubbed "hanging out," "messing around" and "geeking out."
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