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Cathy Oxley

Changes at Gutman Library | Harvard Gazette - 17 views

    "Many of the best libraries are becoming town squares."
Donna Baumbach

The virtual library as a learning hub - 0 views

    In my last column, I talked about setting the stage for a truly inviting virtual library learning commons with good web design principles. Now we need to explore what happens in the library's virtual learning commons that makes it far more than a mere website.

Katy Vance

Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution - 4 views

  • If we want to connect with the latest generation of learners and teachers, we have to totally redesign the library from the vantage point of our users—our thinking has to do a 180-degree flip.
  • This learning commons is both a physical and a virtual space that’s staffed not just by teacher-librarians but also by other school specialists who, like us, are having trouble getting into the classroom and getting kids’ attention.
  • specialists such as literacy coaches, teacher technologists, teacher-librarians, art teachers, music teachers, and P.E. teachers
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  • experimental learning center,
  • In the physical space, we enter a room that’s totally flexible, where furnishings can be moved about to accommodate different functions and groupings.
  • the learning commons is both a giant, ongoing conversation and a warehouse of digital materials
  • —from ebooks to databases to student-generated content—all available 24/7 yea
  • Imagine a learning environment in which the multimedia world of information fed individual students’ needs, and where on-demand digital textbooks/multimedia/databases are available 24/7 and under the control of the user.
  • examples of one-way communication.
  • But in the new learning commons, homework assignments and library Web sites offer two-way communication.
  • Directive adults have been transformed into coaches; direct teaching has been transformed into collaborative inquiry.
  • On another day, parents may be invited to the learning commons to observe a jointly designed medieval art fair created by a classroom teacher, the art teacher, and the teacher-librarian.
  • The experimental learning center aims to improve teaching and learning by offering professional development sessions and resources that are tailor-made to each school’s greatest needs.
  • The teacher posts assignments on a blog that’s linked through an RSS feed to individual students in the class, each of whom can access the blog through an iGoogle page or another personal home page.
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