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Carla Shinn

Why You Should Talk to Kids About Cyberbullying [INFOGRAPHIC] - 40 views

    There is a lot to do before your kid's school year gets started. Hopefully, having a talk about cyberbullying will be on your to-do list. According to a recent study by internet security company McAfee, kids are witnessing and sometimes engaging in cyber bullying.

Exploring Digital Citizenship, Digital Identity & Connected Learning - 40 views

    Fantastic slideshare on Digital Citizenship: interesting as well as a great teaching tool for senior secondary 10-12.
Cathy Oxley

MyFootprintSD What kind of mark are you leaving? - 12 views

    "In a digital world, the question is not whether you will leave a mark. The question is, "What kind of mark are you leaving?""

    The content of MyFootprintSD is designed to make students cognizant of their digital footprint. In that way, it helps students be aware of what is safe and what is risky when using the web or other digital communication tools. In working through it, students will grow aware of how far these kinds of tools spread into their lives and how large the effects of their use can be (for better or for worse).
    Lessons and activities are explained here for educators but directions are included on the students' portion of the website as well.

    Elementary, Middle school, and high school
Cathy Oxley

Personal Branding Online | Blog - 28 views

    Elevate yourself above the competition by building your personal brand and establishing a remarkable online presence that wows employers when they pre-screen you in Google.
Cathy Oxley

Naming in a Digital World: Creating a Safe Persona on the Internet - ReadWriteThink - 14 views

    Naming takes on new meanings in digital settings-as students build personas through e-mail addresses, screen names, and online profiles, they can be unaware of the ways that others may read the information they share.
Ann Sperske

Our Courts - Homepage - 4 views

    Spearhead by Justice O'Connor, Our Courts is a web-based education project designed to reinvigorate civics learning inside and outside the classroom.
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