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Camilla Elliott

Paraplegics learn to walk after years with the help of virtual reality and exoskeletons... - 0 views

    "Researchers had created a brain-machine interface (BMI) that allowed Pinto to control a robotic exoskeleton for the symbolic kickoff at São Paulo's Corinthians Arena."
Rhondda Powling

Technology Makes Reading Better. Here's Exactly How. - 0 views

    "Most teachers know what close-reading is. The part that I found most interesting the seemingly alien idea of technology promoting patient reading. Apps, for example-how on earth can a tablet or an app or an iPad or headphones or some other gadget help with the focus, patience, curiosity, and will to sit with a text and make sense of it? It seems like the opposite would be more likely. And that's certainly possible. There is no "truth" here. In one setting with one student in one kind of classroom, technology could overwhelm the fragile interaction between reader and text. In others, it could catalyze the reading process like never before. But that's a matter of design. Of strategy. Of context. At one point, books were considered "technology" during a move from oral storytelling to written record. The same with certain kinds of binding, the printing press, and so on. Throughout history, reading has been altered by technology."
Cheryl Taylor

Top 10 ways to use technology to promote reading - 0 views

    10 of the best ideas for using technology to promote reading
Camilla Elliott

Giant tablets, 3D printers among top school technology for 2014 | Crave - CNET - 0 views

    "The Bett show in London is where the best new technology for the world's classrooms makes its public debut. CNET has been cruising the show floor, casting eyes over the top tech trends, which this year include enormous touch screens, 3D printers, and programmable robots."
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