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Off The Rocks

X-Post From Another Thread: For The Former Beer Swillers Out There, Remember! : stopdri... - 2 views

    more stopdrinking memes
Off The Rocks

12 Steps of Alcoholics Bro-nonymous : stopdrinking - 3 views

    12 Steps of Alcoholics Bro-nonymous
Off The Rocks

Sobriety Trash Talk - 4 views

Off The Rocks

Serenity prayer, Ambivalent_Fanatic style - 2 views

    "He-man, Master of the Universe: Grant me the balls of steel to deal like a man with bad news, instead of turning into a quivering, whiney douche who wants to dive into a bottle and hide; the power to deal with good news by not feeling like I need to pop a cork to celebrate; and, while you're at it, help me to level out and just breathe no matter what happens. Also, please give me X-ray vision and the ability to predict lottery numbers. Shazam!"
Off The Rocks

The 12 Fucking Steps - 3 views

    Step 1: I'm fucked
    Step 2: There might be a way out of this fucking mess
    Step 3: Decide to level the fuck up
    Step 4: Take a good hard look at how fucked up I am
    Step 5: Tell someone else about all the fucked up stuff I've been through
    Step 6: Prepare to stop being such a fuck up
    Step 7: Try to stop acting so fucked up
    Step 8: Make a list of everyone I fucked over
    Step 9: Swallow my fucking pride and tell them I really fucked up, except when doing so would fuck them harder.
    Step 10: Keep an eye on my fucked up thinking and behavior
    Step 11: Chill the fuck out sometimes
    Step 12: Help the next poor fucker that walks through the door
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