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Off The Rocks

girlreachingout24 comments on My Dad died unexpectedly today. I loved him and I'm in sh... - 0 views

    "If you've ever taken painkillers for an injury, then you may recall that the painkiller didn't in any way help to heal the injury. In fact, by hiding the pain from you, it gives you the ability to aggravate the injury even further- leaving you with an even worse pain when the effects of the medication wear off. On the other hand, if you had allowed yourself to feel the pain, you would realize you needed to treat the area of injury with care, keep off the foot, whatever, and allow it to heal with the gentleness and special attention it requires. This is, after all, the very purpose of pain; to show you where you are vulnerable so you can take the appropriate steps to remedy it.
    If you drink now, you will rob yourself of the chance to properly heal from this brutal and heartbreaking blow."
rae vie

girlreachingout24 comments on Day 35! In talking to my new AA buddies, I've exhausted e... - 2 views

    Good advice about how to connect with people without the crutch of alcohol
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