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Robotics Design

Teacher Professional Development - 152 views

This is for who likes robotics

based development learning professional project teacher

dean groom

PBL Delivery - whos using Web2.0 in their projects - 105 views

Jane - I'd like to Skype chat with you about the book and PBL/Web2.0 take up

pbl web2.0

Wesley Fryer

Book ning network on Reinventing PBL in the Digital World - 93 views

Please add this ning to your bookmarks.


Susan Rardin

Activities for your students - 91 views

Susan Rardin wrote: I love your idea of the content Bingo game. I am going to try making that game for my 2nd grade students who come to the Cliffwood Library weekly. I am teaching them terms...

activities classroom pbl

edutopia .org

Classroom Guide: Top Ten Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning | Edutopia - 71 views

    Newest classroom guide from Edutopia focuses on assessment strategies and tools for PBL. "Tips" are organized to follow the arc of a project.
    This classroom guide is intended to inspire and expand your thinking about effective assessment for project-based learning.  The tips are organized to follow the arc of a project. First comes planning, then the launch into active learning, and then a culminating presentation. Reflection is the final stage. Download this today and get started! 
Suzie Boss

Who's coming to NECC? - 55 views

I know--change of plans. We're excited! See you there! Telannia Norfar wrote: > I am going to be there! I am so glad you and Jane are going to make it. When I talked to Jane last, she said she wasn...


Ginger Lewman

Sample PBL Cards - 61 views

    These "recipe cards" for Project/Problem Based Learning are intended for teachers to use with K12 students in groups, as well as individual students. Each card creates student learning categorized as TimeTravelers, Artists & Inventors, Historian Challenges, StoryTellers, ProblemSolvers, Scientist Challenges, Career & Tech Ed. The cards are meant to help teachers integrate core content and deeply embed creativity, problem-solving, and collaborative learning in each student, with or without the use of technology tools. The core content pieces are the basic ingredients with which teachers can cook delicious content for their hungry learners. Teachers are able to customize the driving questions in each of the content areas to fit the unique needs of their learners. The cards guide teachers through the basic steps of the project, with ideas and suggestions for best practice. The tips & tricks help establish a safe and respectful learning environment every single day of the year.
Tom McHale

10 ways to assess learning without tests… « What Ed Said - 51 views

    The arts can be integrated across other disciplines and can add another powerful layer to learning, be it history, maths, literature or bible! (but that can be another post). For now, why not replace some traditional testing with opportunities for creative expression? I've included some such options in my list of alternative assessments.

Merging the tried-and-true with the new - 43 views

PBLnet is a long-standing pbl discussion board on yahoo groups founded in 2001. Do you use it? I find the archive very useful and go there to see what Diane McGrath, Bob Perleman and others are pay...


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Scott Ashwell

Question - 38 views

If you're talking Acceptable Use Policies try:

Kevin Quinones

Free Technology for Teachers: Nine Tools for Collaboratively Creating Mind Maps - 69 views

    Mind maps or graphic organizers can be invaluable tools for visual thinkers and visual learners. The process of creating a mind map can help students gain an overview perspective on complex, multifaceted concepts. Mind maps can also help students outline an essay or story they're planning to write.
David Brim

Innovative Software for group project management- - 38 views

Hello I just joined diigo and found this group to be very relevant to me. I recently graduated college. Last semester I was extremely frustrated with getting my group project teams together and fo...

GroupTable group projects Project projectbasedlearning study

started by David Brim on 29 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Ginger Lewman

What's Your Learning Style? | Edutopia - 37 views

    Want to know your learning style? Take the quiz. There are 24 questions, and it will take less than five minutes to complete. Try not to think too hard -- just go with your first thought when describing your daily activities and interests. At the end, you'll find out more about how you learn.
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