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Madison Allen

Best content in Project Based Learning | Diigo - Groups - 3 views

    A diigo community for teachers involved in Project Based Learning PBL, to share activities, projects and bookmarks. Stated by Parramatta Marist High School, Sydney
Robinson Kipling

Tips to Start With Joomla Portal Development - 2 views

Whether you are new to the globe of internet company or have a professional profession with a web page, the point is that an active, simple to use and simple to maintain web page is necessary for t...

web2.0 PBL technology tools Projectbasedlearning resources

started by Robinson Kipling on 29 Dec 12 no follow-up yet
Robinson Kipling

Hire Wordpress Developers To Nourish Your Online Business - 1 views

Magento is the most powerful online ecommerce platform in the universe and the content management system is changing the face of ecommerce forever. What you may not realize is Magneto an object-ori...

web2.0 learning technology tools resources ProjectBasedLearning collaboration

started by Robinson Kipling on 08 Jan 13 no follow-up yet
Robinson Kipling

Joomla! uses PHP and mySQL. - 1 views

In the world of websites, Joomla! has come a long way and recognized itself as a well-known cms. Not only this, Joomla! is able of offering comprehensive structure for different websites by using a...

web2.0 pbl technology tools resources ProjectBasedLearning project

started by Robinson Kipling on 31 Jan 13 no follow-up yet
Don Doehla

The Difference Between Learners and Students | Edutopia - 0 views

    As both a planning and a learning tool, PBL challenges teachers to make new decisions about how they plan student learning experiences, while simultaneously empowering students to take a more active role in the learning process.
Jennifer Garcia

LifePractice PBL - Welcome - 0 views

    Kevin and Ginger's pbl website.
Don Doehla

Student Voice And Choice In Language Learning - P21 - 0 views

    Driving Question: How can student voice and choice enrich language learning? Recent articles in publications like The Atlantic and The Hill highlight what many describe as a dismal state of language learning in the United States. Both pieces speak to the largely ineffective outcomes of language study, since so few language learners achieve a meaningful level of proficiency, even after years of study. Contributing to the state of language discussion, a recent ACTFL study shows that fewer students are pursuing language study. What seems like a lack of serious commitment to improve outcomes in the U.S. also reflects a long-standing cultural attitude that language learning isn't a worthwhile endeavor.

50+ Perfect Heading fonts for Designers - 0 views

    Heading is an important part of any writing whatever you write, if you write article heading is must or any other content such as flyer, brochure, web content, magazine etc heading is very necessary part of writing, And also heading is encourage viewer to read complete paragraph which is written under heading, sometime heading is not good written or not in good heading fonts viewer just ignore complete writing just because of heading.

20+ Free Must Needed Photoshop Plugins in 2016 - 0 views

    Photoshop is one of the most powerful and useful platform for graphics and creative, Photoshop was discovered earlier 90s by Adobe which is the largest software provider organization which provides technical software which makes softcopy work easy and easiest, Photoshop is use to create any graphics or edit or retouch
edutopia .org

Classroom Guide: Top Ten Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning | Edutopia - 71 views

    Newest classroom guide from Edutopia focuses on assessment strategies and tools for PBL. "Tips" are organized to follow the arc of a project.
    This classroom guide is intended to inspire and expand your thinking about effective assessment for project-based learning.  The tips are organized to follow the arc of a project. First comes planning, then the launch into active learning, and then a culminating presentation. Reflection is the final stage. Download this today and get started! 
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