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Jeff Johnson

Project Based Learning - Explained: A Custom Video Project with BIE - Common Craft - Ou... - 7 views

    When people ask about the inspiration for our style of videos, I often say that our videos reflect the way that I wish I had learned in school. My learning style wasn't a good match for the way I was taught.

    Recently we completed a custom video project with the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) that focuses on a Project Based Learning or "PBL", and boy did it open my eyes. I can now see that I needed teachers who put PBL to work. I needed to get up from my desk and engage. I needed to work on a real-world issue and use creativity and problem solving - what are known as 21st century skills these days.

    This video is an introduction to PBL and how it impacted a science teacher's students and helped their community.
Jeff Johnson

Digital storytelling - ICT for learning - 20 views

    When first I heard the expression 'digital storytelling' I understood it to refer to fictional writing. At the time I believe it did but now it covers all manner of writing and what have we always got our children to do to demonstrate learning? Retell what they have been taught.

    This doesn't necessarily move us far along Bloom's Taxonomy so what's the alternative? Anderson and Krathwohl (2001) have presented a reworking of Bloom that is suited to an age where material is deconstructed and reconstructed i.e. mashed. Creating, that 21 century skill, is at the apex.
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