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Dissertation/Thesis Writing Help - 1 views

    Academic Writing Help (Pioneer in Academic Writing) We provide writing help to develop quality Essays, Term Papers, Course work, Thesis and Dissertation, etc. for those who are quality oriented. We cover lots of different subjects such as, Cyber Laws, Cyber Security, English Literature, Anthropology, Social Science, Case Studies, Law, Philosophy, Psychology, IT, Economics, Business, Marketing, Management, Politics, Global Issues and lots of others and we are not to bound only these. Just Contact Us for any query and Order.......We are here at:

Shiv Nadar University New - A student kills classmate 'for refusing gift', shoots self! - 0 views

    Bihu is a festival celebrated primarily in the Indian state of Assam, which marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year and the arrival of spring. The festival is celebrated three times a year: Rongali or Bohag Bihu in mid-April, Kongali or Kati Bihu in mid-October, and Bhogali or Magh Bihu in mid-January. Rongali Bihu, also known as Bohag Bihu, is the most important of the three Bihu festivals and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. The festival typically lasts for seven days and involves various traditional rituals, cultural programs, and feasting. During Rongali Bihu, people clean and decorate their homes, wear new clothes, and prepare traditional delicacies such as pitha (rice cakes), laru (sweet balls made of rice flour), and fish curry. They also perform traditional folk dances such as the Bihu dance, which is performed by both men and women in groups. The festival of Bihu 2023 is a time of joy and celebration, and people come together to share their happiness and strengthen their bonds. It is a significant cultural event in Assam and is celebrated by people from all walks of life, irrespective of their caste, religion, or creed. Three Types of Bihu There are three types of Bihu festivals celebrated in the Indian state of Assam: Rongali or Bohag Bihu: It is the most popular and significant of the three Bihu festivals and is celebrated in mid-April. Rongali Bihu marks the onset of the Assamese New Year and the arrival of spring. It is a seven-day festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and involves traditional rituals, cultural programs, and feasting. Kongali or Kati Bihu: It is celebrated in mid-October, which is the time when the fields are empty as the paddy is not yet ripe. This festival is more somber and subdued compared to Rongali Bihu and is focused on prayers and rituals to seek blessings for a good harvest. Bhogali or Magh Bihu: It is celebrated in mid-January, which is the time when the harvest is over, and the granaries are
Gloria Becker

Project Based Learning | Buck Institute for Education - 41 views

    In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Rigorous projects help students learn key academic content and practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking.
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    In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Rigorous projects help students learn key academic content and practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking).
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Gloria Leon

La Protección del Medio Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales en la Nueva Constit... - 0 views

  • is a platform for academics to share research papers.
Scott Ashwell

The Center for Urban Pedagogy - 0 views

    CUP makes educational projects about places and how they change. Our projects bring together art and design professionals - artists, graphic designers, architects, urban planners - with community-based advocates and researchers - organizers, government officials, academics, service-providers and policymakers. These partners work with CUP staff to create projects ranging from high school curricula to educational exhibitions.
dean groom

Online Adventure Games, Text Adventure Games, Online Text Adventure Games, Adventure Ga... - 0 views

    The Original online adventure games were text adventure games in which you were faced with puzzles and obstacles to overcome to complete your quest. They existed only on large corporate or academic mainframe computers in the 1970s. In the early 1980s these intriguing games became available to a much wider audience as classic adventures such as 'The Hobbit' fuelled sales of the first home computers such as the Commodore 64 and the Sinclair Spectrum. Since then online adventure games have evolved into multiuser games (generically known as MUDS) and are infinitely more challenging than the original adventure game designers could ever have dreamed. Many players share the same environment and adventure alongside you or compete against you as the whim takes them. The linear nature of the old adventure games has now mostly disappeared and the best of the new generation of online text adventure games are multi-dimensional in their game play and may be better described, perhaps, as interactive novels - often without end. A few highly commercial multiuser graphical adventures games are also now available, but they tend to lack depth and none are yet rated here.
Don Doehla

The Pygmalion Effect: Communicating High Expectations | Edutopia - 0 views

    In 1968, two researchers conducted a fascinating study that proved the extent to which teacher expectations influence student performance. Positive expectations influence performance positively, and negative expectations influence performance negatively. In educational circles, this has been termed the Pygmalion Effect, or more colloquially, a self-fulfilling prophecy. What has always intrigued me about this study is specifically what the teachers did to communicate that they believed a certain set of students had "unusual potential for academic growth." The research isn't overly explicit about this, but it indicates that the teachers "may have paid closer attention to the students, and treated them differently in times of difficulty." This begs the following questions: Why can't teachers treat all of their students like this? How do we communicate to students whether we believe in them or not?
Amy Burns

WeLearnedIt on the App Store on iTunes - 0 views

    "WeLearnedIt is an easy to use project-based learning platform that allows teachers to create and share dynamic assignments, leave meaningful feedback on student work, and allows learners to capture and track their academic growth and achievement over time in digital learning portfolios. We are a perfect companion to schools and classrooms embracing project based learning or for teachers who want their students to "think outside the bubble"."
Andreea Watson

Essay Writers UK, Essay Writer UK - 0 views

    British essay writers have best essay writing experts for the students of UK. There are abundant writers in the field of academic writing but British essay writers is only firm in UK who have professional team of academic writing.
IDa Sol

services - Wheelz auto motives garage - 0 views

    WHEELZ AUTO MOTIVES GARAGE SERVICES If you are looking for a garage services near you, you have come to the right place.We are welcome to you with the big hands. OUR MISSION & VISION SERVICES To provide you Standards quality of Equipment's. And also provide customer satisfaction over work is to satisfy our customers. BASIC GARAGE SERVICES Basic garage services such as visual inspection such as oil and changes the critical fluids. TOWING SERVICE Provide you towing services without marginalizing efforts to disrupt responsibility toward a potential the compromising. WASHER FLUID In the engine such as anti-freeze, brake fluid, Washer fluid and starring fluid, and towing services are the top services we have. OUR TEAM Wheels Auto motives garage services have am expert team with the best equipment. Our team has both academic and practical experience in the services they provide. MORE ABOUT OUR TEAM Wheelz auto motives experts offer excellent customers services at great value for money. Whether you are looking for an MOT, repairs or any other motor maintenance services, our fully quailied and approved team of experts will work hard to make your car as good as new in no time. Our garage mechanics have vast experience diagnosing vehicle problems and can perform any mobile auto repair. Book online today and let us get rid of all your vehicles problems. MORE ABOUT OUR SERVICES Moreover, we have a comprehensive checklist process where the technician perform a check from head to tail of your vehicles, which even extend to inspecting it for scratches and debts, and checking the pedals for any squeaks. Furthermore, to ensure the car is in the best condition possible, we check key components. AVAILABILITY OF SERVICES In case your have trapped in an emergency anywhere our fixers will be there in just 45 minutes. We are here to solve any type of car emergency in 24/7 full day requirement. wheelz auto motives provide you trained and professional towing services to ha
Alexis Krysten

ICT in my Classroom - 1 views

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        Tom Barretts, reflective blog on how hes been inspired to use the classic game 'Myst' in his year 5 classroom as a literacy task. Fanstatic practical guide
      Syed Amjad Ali

      Why E-Learning - A simple analysis - 0 views

        E-Learning industry is witnessing tremendous growth in terms of revenue and application. It has become a synonym for many of the learning requirements in corporates, academics and government institutions. To provide most suitable learning solutions, industry experts exploring and inventing creative methods and approaches such as Custom Learning Solutions, Rapid Learning Solutions, Gamifications, Instructor Led Training programs and blend of these methods and approaches.
      Walco Solutions

      Academic Projects | Walco Solutions - 0 views

      The final year projects and mini projects are considered to be the important parts of the engineering education system. The projects done by students in their curriculum play an important role fo...

      started by Walco Solutions on 28 May 15 no follow-up yet
      Walco Solutions

      Academic Projects | Walco Solutions - 0 views

        We provide the best quality and unique projects at very nominal price. We are updated with the latest technology being used in the industries we try to render the same at the student level for proper technical exposure through our projects. We also conduct proper lectures, practical sessions to guide and prepare students for external viva and competitions. Programmable Logic Controller, Supervisory Control and data acquisition, Human machine Interface, Variable Frequency drive, Instrumentation, Panel designing, Embedded System, Mat lab

      untitled - 4 views

      shared by jkrauss on 17 Jun 10 - Cached
      • One of the definitions in the dictionary for the word academic is, ‘ that which is too far from immediate reality.'
        • jkrauss
          Making the case for experiential learning.
      Scott Ashwell

      Web-Based Projects, University of Richmond - 1 views

        This page contains web-based projects created by students at the University of Richmond in partial fulfillment of the requirements for teacher licensure in the state of Virginia.

      Project Foundry® - Project Based Learning Management and Student Portfolio Bu... - 0 views

        Project Foundry is a proven online project based learning management system built by practitioners who understood the value of the pedagogy and inherent need for a streamlined tool that engages students and ensures meaningful academic results.
      dean groom

      Pop Cosmopolitanism » Introducing the After School MMO Group - 0 views

      • This bridge, we believe, will enhance their success in life and academics, as these literacies are essential components found in the 21st Century Learning Skills (see Partnership for 21st Century Learning Skills for more information), which many schools are still trying to conceptualize, let alone implement. Although we are very early in the pilot program, our first goal has been to develop the MMO group into a “third place” for these boys to hang out and play together. As the group has begun developing cohesion, and the boys are becoming better oriented with the game, we’ve begun integrating content into our sessions that are not only valued “gamer” practices, but promote literacy practices as well (such as writing forum posts, for example).
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