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Roland Gesthuizen

When is Sarcasm Not Funny? | This Should Help - 0 views

  • Sarcasm is a form of manipulation that is cutting and hurtful, so the person using it is always prepared
  • There is very little satisfaction in having what we want if we have used sarcasm to achieve.
  • We all use sarcasm on occasion, in an attempt to be witty perhaps. Mainly, it is to cover vulnerabilities and anger or to reveal irritations.
    "Do you know many people who make use of sarcasm routinely? Sarcasm is quick to offend. We can try ignoring it, but this is ultimately not an answer."
John Pearce

YouTube - Twouble with Twitters - 0 views

    A really well made cautionary YouTube tale about how Twitter can be used in facile ways. It opens up the topic of addictive use, though it does ignore completely the positive aspects of its use. Info says;

    A young man struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away. From: "SuperNews!" An animated sketch comedy series airing on Current TV. Every Friday night at 10 PM ET/PT. For more SuperNews! go to"

Funny Math Videos - 0 views

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