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Rhondda Powling

The Student's Guide To Proper Social Media Etiquette | Edudemic - 3 views

    Good advice (and simply put) on Social Media Etiquette
Judy O'Connell

How We're Turning Digital Natives Into Etiquette Sociopaths | Wired Opinion | - 0 views

    "Let's face it: Technology and etiquette have been colliding for some time now, and things have finally boiled over if the recent spate of media criticisms is anything to go by. There's the voicemail, not to be left unless you're "dying." There's the e-mail signoff that we need to "kill." And then there's the observation that what was once normal - like asking someone for directions - is now considered "uncivilized." Cyber-savvy folks are arguing for such new etiquette rules because in an information-overloaded world, time-wasting communication is not just outdated - it's rude. But while living according to the gospel of technological efficiency and frictionless sharing is fine as a Silicon Valley innovation ethos, it makes for a downright depressing social ethic."
Rhondda Powling

eEtiquette - 101 Guidelines for the Digital World - 6 views

    eEtiquette is a simple site that exists for the purpose of sharing electronic etiquette tips. The tips cover everything from email etiquette to social network etiquette to cell phone etiquette. Although the title says there are 101 guidelines there are actually more than 101 guidelines on the site now. Some of the best etiquette guidelines are available on a free poster that you can download from eEtiquette.
Roland Gesthuizen

A Great Way to Teach Cell Phone Etiquette [Infographic] - Tech the Plunge - 4 views

    "this nice infographic from Personal Communications Electronics is a great place to start teaching your students (family members as well?) about cell phone etiquette."
Steve Madsen

Technology Etiquette for Today's Teens - 5 views

    "Students created short movies to address particular behaviors, emphasizing the importance of correcting those behaviors. This video is a compilation of their work to educate everyone on technology etiquette."
    This video has may be worth showing to Middle School students in terms of Etiquette and the use of some technologies.
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