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Rhondda Powling

Licorize - for the web worker tribe - 2 views

    A social bookmarking tool that enables you to collect, share, edit, enhance and present your bookmarks. It prides itself on flexibility and the ability to value add to your bookmarks. Integrates with Twitter and Evernote. Basic account free - need to pay for full features.
Rhondda Powling

Social bookmarking site for schools. Allow students to learn, gather & share resources ... - 5 views

    Could be useful tool for classes to share specific links with each other. Another way to manage online bookmarks. "A social bookmarking site for schools. Allow students to explore, learn, gather & share resources with everyone in the class. No student sign up required! Easily share resources with anyone in the class!"
John Pearce

Copyto | Clever bookmarking - 0 views

    Copyto is a new unique way to bookmark sites by allowing teachers and students to simply select parts of sites they want to have backed up. Like a mix between Diigo or Delicious and Evernote, this site is a great way to clip out pieces of websites, articles, research papers, and more, in order to save it for use later on or to share it out with collegeaues or students. There is also a browser plug-in and a mobile site to access all the links and content on the go. This has a slick interface and easy to use tool.
John Pearce

Student Learning with Diigo - 5 views

    "Educators, worldwide, have enjoyed the use of this social bookmarking site. Diigo is a great web-based tool for teachers to utilize, to motivate, and to engage students of all ages in the learning process. We invite you to explore the various features of Diigo. Become educated and informed on the powerful use of Diigo for student learning. Learn how this research tool can enhance classroom instruction and promote higher levels of student collaboration. As you navigate through our site you will see examples of valuable lessons and resources, all displayed for your use."
Steve Madsen

Announcing "Diigo Educator Accounts - 0 views

    Great tool that can be used for collaboration within a class. It is possible (with proper tagging) to list these bookmarks within students' wikis. Updates delicious accounts automatically as well. Highly recommended.
    Today, we are happy to announce the release of Diigo Educator Accounts, a suite of features that makes it incredibly easy for teachers to get their entire class of students or their peers started on collaborative research using Diigo's powerful web annotation and social bookmarking technology.

EMail Is For Old People - EMail Is For Old People - 0 views

    Numerous web resources such as social bookmarking, social networks, RSS aggregation, blogs, and Twitter can be used to keep school board members, administrators and teachers up to date on emerging technology, teaching resources, and support networks
Rhondda Powling

On Pinterest | What I Learned Today... - 1 views

    Blog post from @nengard. Pinterest (& other social media tools) & fair use. Pinterest does one thing and does that one thing very well - it's an image sharing/bookmarking tool.
Rhondda Powling

11 Awesome Apps to Try on Your New Android Device - 3 views

    Eleven free apps that you could use in education
Tony Searl

Learning Reimagined: Participatory, Peer, Global, Online | DMLcentral - 4 views

  • I work from the first moments to persuade people that it's possible for all of us to learn together as a community in a more deeply satisfying and useful way than if students take responsibility only for their own learning
    • Tony Searl
      Howard R.
  • shared goal of learning about infotention, curation, personal learning networks, and cooperation theory is our goal of becoming a learning community
  • Roles include searchers, chat summarizers, session summarizers, mindmap leaders, session bloggers
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  • Knowing why we use forums, blogs, wikis, synchronous chat and video, social bookmarks, mindmaps is the foundation for the kind of active inquiry, culture of conversation, self-directed collaborative groups that bring a peer learning group to life.
  • The magic in this simple whiteboard exercise is that multiple actions can take place simultaneously and nobody knows who is doing what.
  • talk about the importance of exploring close enough to the edge to fall over it frequently. I model tolerance for error, learning from error, pushing the envelope of tech
    the chances of successful outcomes are multiplied when every person in the group makes a commitment to active participation in helping others learn.
rasel ahmed

History Teachers Group - 9 views

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