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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Mary Trent


Lesson: Articles on Visual Design - 5 views

  • Buttons to travel around a site should be easy to find - towards the top of the page and easy to identify. They should look like navigation buttons and be well described. The text of a button should be pretty clear as to where it's taking you. Aside from the common sense, it's also important to make navigation usable.
    • Mary Trent
      I think this is important in my lesson as I want the users to be able to navigate around the pages according to where their interests lead them.
  • Consistency means making everything match. Heading sizes, font choices, coloring, button styles, spacing, design elements, illustration styles, photo choices, etc. Everything should be themed to make your design coherent between pages and on the same page.
    • Mary Trent
      This is a big one for me, too.  I feel that websites or lessons need to stay consistent in look and design.  It just looks more professional.  Less is more. 
  • Occam’s razor is a principle urging one to select among competing hypotheses that which makes the fewest assumptions and thereby offers the simplest explanation of the effect. To put it in the design context, Occam’s Razor states that the simplest solution is usually best.
    • Mary Trent
      This is very true.  I have a few pages that have too many words and phrases that are too complex.  I am looking at simplifying these and use other resources like audio or video to include the information so it isn't visually overwhelming.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Users don’t read, they scan. Analyzing a web-page, users search for some fixed points or anchors which would guide them through the content of the page.
    • Mary Trent
      So very true. I want to design my lesson so that a teacher can decide in a manner of seconds if the STEM Scale-up they are looking at is for them or not.
  • Users want to have control. Users want to be able to control their browser and rely on the consistent data presentation throughout the site. E.g. they don’t want new windows popping up unexpectedly and they want to be able to get back with a “Back”-button to the site they’ve been before: therefore it’s a good practice to never open links in new browser windows.
    • Mary Trent
      I agree, that is why I really want the table of contents or navigation to be on every page so the users can explore wherever the want and go back if they need to.

mollie3-1: Lesson Planning: The Missing Link in e-Learning Course Design - 2 views

  • No matter how many examples of e-Learning courses my students review and critique, and no matter which text we use in class, many of the students’ initial attempts are sorely lacking when compared to the courses of more experienced designers. To put it simply, there is little or no instruction in the students’ e-Learning, and the “voice of the instructor”
    • Mary Trent
      I find that I have to go over and over my online classes I create just to make sure I'm writing all the things I would say if I was teaching a face-to-face class.  I often times have my husband or others go in and read my descriptions and lessons to make sure it makes sense to s stranger. I think when we are creating online lessons, we can get too close to it to see what's missing.  It helps to have someone from the outside evaluate it for you. Mary Trent
  • Though developing a lesson plan for e-Learning is similar in many ways to developing a lesson plan for instructor-led learning, there are also differences. IDs need to remember that there is no instructor present in self-paced e-Learning, and simple as this sounds, it does take some getting used to. This concept is especially difficult to grasp for experienced stand-up trainers and facilitators who are new to designing instruction.
    • Mary Trent
      When creating a lesson, you have to have opportunities for review as well as extension activities.  You also need to give students opportunities to get feedback from you along the way.  It needs to be more than just "Good job." I like to use Zoom or Adobe Connect to hold virtual classroom meetings to  answer questions and get to know my participants.  It has proven to be very valuable. Mary Trent
  • Detailed lesson plans help to ensure that there is adequate instruction — practice and feedback — for each learning objective.
    • Mary Trent
      I think it is really important especially in online classes to stay in contact with your participants and give them quality feedback and aske probing questions. This helps to make connections and to develop the discussions.

ollie_4: Article: Attributes from Effective Formative Assessment (CCSSO) - 4 views

  • self- and peer-assessment are important for providing students an opportunity to think meta-cognitively about their learning.
    • Mary Trent
      I think this needs to be used more often in the classroom. I know as teachers, we find collaborating with our peers to be so valuable and I think, if done correctly, students can also gain some very helpful insight into their learning.
  • supporting students as they monitor and take responsibility for their own learning, helping students to provide constructive feedback to each other, and involving students in decisions about how to move learning forward are illustrations of students and teachers working together in the teaching and learning process.
    • Mary Trent
      Amen! I think this statement is key. If students take ownership of their learning, they will become more passionate about it and ultimately want to do better for the pure knowledge and not just for a grade. Students need to feel as though they will have support through the learning process and will be able to rely on teachers and fellow students for help along their journey.

ollie_4: Building a Better Mousetrap - 1 views

  • Look at some actual examples of student work to see if you have omitted any important dimensions.
    • Mary Trent
      I think this is a really good idea. Many times we think our rubric is what we are looking for, but many times we might have missed a key point.

ollie_4: Educational Leadership: The Quest for Quality--article - 5 views

  • multiple measures
    • Mary Trent
      I think quality, multiple measures are important. Too often we give students one shot to get it beacuse we are so focused on covering the content or getting through the book that we miss the most important part....are the students learning the material?
  • responsibility for their own learning
    • Mary Trent
      Absolutely! Students should feel as though they are in control of their grades. They should be giving a clear picture of what is expected of them and offered options to get back on track if they fall to the way side.

ollie1: Iowa Online Course Standards - 2 views

  • (K-12) • Information literacy and communication skills are incorporated and taught as an integral part of the curriculum.
    • Mary Trent
      Communication is key in online classes. I know I have been lost a time or two. I like checklists of requirements for the course.
  • • The course design provides opportunities for appropriate instructor-student interaction, including timely and frequent feedback about student progress based on the learning targets.
    • Mary Trent
      It's important to encourage students to feel comfortable to ask questions especially when they are lost. Quick, easy, multiple ways to contact the instructor are important.

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 0 views

  • 1. Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance and support for the agency's student achievement goals (ITS 1)
    • Mary Trent
      It is difficult to develop assessment tools that show this kind of learning growth with technology without it being more of a lab setting with a control group. I haven't found anything real practical yet that is reliable.
  • Tailors instruction to meet the different needs of students, including different learning styles, different interests and backgrounds, and students with special needs or whom are language learners (SREB C.7, Varvel V.H, ITS 4.c)
    • Mary Trent
      I think that classroom teachers are still struggling with this. We are improving our teaching styles to meet the needs and different learning styles of students, but we aren't quite there yet. My son, for example, is an auditory learner. I'd like for him to be able to have tests read to him without filling out a 504 or IEP. It should just be something that every classroom is quipped to do and the teacher is willing to do it.
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