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The disruptive power of collaboration: An interview with Clay Shirky | McKinsey & Company - 1 views

  • The disruptive power of collaboration: An interview with Clay Shirky
    From the invention of the printing press to the telephone, the radio, and the Internet, the ways people collaborate change frequently, and the effects of those changes often reverberate through generations.

Structuring Computer-Mediated Communication Systems to Avoid Information Overload - 0 views

    A 1985 article with echoes of Clay Shirky's "Filter Failure" talk from 2008

Mindful Infotention: Dashboards, Radars, Filters - City Brights: Howard Rheingold - 2 views

    Another interesting article by Howard Rheingold about skills necessary to "survive" online today.
    Great resource! I think this conceptualization meshes really nicely with the "IT'S NOT INFORMATION OVERLOAD. IT'S FILTER FAILURE" video, where Shirky discusses how we need to move beyond the idea of "information overload". I find that I, and many of the people around me, often set up deliberate practices to try and mediate the amount of information that we receive. The word "infotention" is new to me, and captures this practice nicely. For example, some of the practices that I use in my day to day life include: -- I always keep my phone on silent. *Always*. -- I use an RSS reader to stay on top of blogs and other information, including mailing lists which I have rerouted from my email inbox to my RSS reader (I use feedly). -- I use an email filter called "unrollme" which sends me a daily digest of email that isn't important but that I might want to see. Do you find that there are "infotention" practices you use in your day to day life? What about "mindful infotention", as the author describes?
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