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Matt Tibble

Open Knowledge Foundation Australia - 3 views

    Getting connected with others in Australia around Open Knowledge - what it is, communities to join, and a great list of resources and websites to visit under their Communities tab.

Guide of Copyright Law of Australia - 0 views

Guide of cpyriht law of Australia under the URL:

Online Guide module4 Copyright Australia

started by weerthc on 28 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

Open Data developments in Asia | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog - 1 views

    This blog about Open Data Developments in Asia analyses the recent state of Open Data adopted in Asia and highlights some of the 11 Asian countries participants that attended the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneva in 2012. Of the 11 countries that attended the conference, the author of the post focuses on the East Asian and Pacific countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar and discusses their state and role in Openness. The author does a good job at providing statistics of the different countries in terms of the Worldbank Knowledge Economy Index (KEI), which analyzes the economic rankings of countries. The author then compares economic rank to that of openness, stating that countries low on the economic rank contribute little to no open data within their own countries or externally to other countries. Next, the author talks about the overall internet penetration in Asia as being only 27.5 percent and in that statistic, there is still a wide gap between North and South East Asia in terms of internet use and information distribution and acquisition from citizens and others. Moreover, the author continues to compare how many social, economical, political and cultural influence information distribution, contribution and acquisition in Asia countries. Openness is growing in the more developed Asian countries, but openness is limited, or even nonexistent, in developing (authoritative) countries. After reading this article, I've had a greater understanding of the current state of Open Data in Asia an the influences that contribute to enabling Openness. What I expected from the blog post or something that would've made the post even better could be some examples or projects of Openness or Open Data in Asia.
Penny Wheeler

OER/OLI on Pinterest | 40 Pins - 1 views

    from the learning projects of the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. My understanding of Pinterest's usefulness is expanded by this page.
Abdul Naser Tamim

The Future of Open Knowledge: what impact will open knowledge have on research, the eco... - 4 views

    26 August To mark the launch of the Open Knowledge Foundation in Australia, founder Dr Rufus Pollock is touring Australia. His "Open Knowledge Down Under" tour will take in several capital cities and includes a series of public lectures.
mark Christopher

Creationistas - Australian Copyright Is Broken - 0 views

    Highlighting of copyright issues suffered here in Australia.

The implications of digitizing and the Internet for "fair use" in South Africa - 2 views

    A dissertation by Tobias Schönwetter which comprehensively covers and compares digitalization, copyright and fair dealing not only in South Africa but in USA, Europe, Uk and Australia

The Economics of Open Access Publishing - 0 views

    Open Access Publishing is the free distribution of research, whether it is as a pre-print (working paper) or a peer-reviewed article. Since the creation of the web, more and more journal are choosing open access as their business model. One of them was recently Economic Analysis and Policy, published by the Economic Society of Australia...
mark Christopher

A figment in Miranda's imagination - Wendy Bacon - 1 views

    Two weeks ago, News Corp Australia's Miranda Devine published Wendy Bacon and comrades lay into Sharri Markson on Twitter in defence of The Australian's media section editor Sharri Markson, who had been criticised for a column she wrote about the dangers of mixing activism and journalism.
    I totally agree from the point of view of this article related to learning and being a Journalism teacher. Just great!
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