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Participatory culture and digital competences. - 2 views

Module3 Europe skills

started by ricbruno on 10 Oct 14
  • ricbruno
    Quite interesting video by Dr Jekins in module 3. Indeed participatory culture is taking place only made possible from the openness brought by technology to knowledge. It is not only changing the way we live but also our roles in society.

    One thing I'd like to highlight: he's constant reference to digital skills or competences. Indeed one of the success elements for society is the potential to develop digital skills, specially among youngsters. Unfortunately, in this field, most of us are still self-learners, as the education systems are not yet embedding this need. (as well shown in the end of the video by the fact that many institutions simply ban access to).

    An interesting resource in this field is "DIGCOMP: A Framework for Developing and Understanding Digital Competence in Europe", published by the European Commission a few months ago. Could be useful in many parts of the world to understand the extension of these digital competences.

    We can find it in here:
  • ricbruno
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