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started by alibabas on 31 Oct 14
  • alibabas
    Two newly discovered resources i found with reference to :

    The web Links are :

    and also
  • Ignoramus OKMOOC
    The second resource references the openscience working groups oft the Open Cloud Consortium (OCC), which is a not for profit that manages and operates cloud computing infrastructure for medium to large size research projects (scientific, medical, health care and environmental research) by managing and operating a cloud computing infrastructure that can be shared across these projects. Most of these working groups are of limited interest to individual researchers and access to the managed resources often requires an application, so can not be considered "open" in a strict sense. However, the Open Science Data Cloud (OSDC) Working Group manages the OSDC Public Data Commons (, which does not only hold open data originating from scientific research but also (among others) the Google Books Ngram from over 5 Million books, Project Gutenberg free ebooks (the the text of over 42,000), US Census Datasets. Members of the public can suggest data that should be included. This is interesting because it is a rather unexpected place for the dissemination of open government data.

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