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started by jurado-navas on 21 Sep 14
  • jurado-navas
    I would like to introduce the Spanish Fundación Descubre ( and, inside it, the network called "Divulga red" (, thought to connect people (professional and amateur researchers and citizens in general), communicate and collaborate among them. DivulgaRed let people reveal research topics and the value of the science in different fields, sharing ideas with other researchers and group of people, all with the basis of a collaborative work.

    I had the pleasure of giving two talks in high-schools telling about optical communications and novelties that people can have in a near future. In a very good atmosphere, students and their own teachers asked me questions and I can enjoy a very nice atmosphere making my knowledge in this topic public. Even more, teachers in the high school were later discussing with me about possibilities in Education, and both they and me built some experiments to be made by students in the high school during the semester.

    So, as a concluding remark, every body who wants to share a new idea, or to obtain a new point of view, or simply who wants to introduce or simply to learn about a new topic is welcome in Fundación Descubre and DivulgaRed project.


    Dr. Antonio Jurado-Navas
  • jurado-navas

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