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Bo Adams

Why We Should Flip Education Conferences | Edudemic - 0 views

  • Flipped conferences could keep more of the traditional model than unconferences do. You could ask educational influencers with something important to teach the conference audience to speak. But instead of doing their teaching and presenting at the conference itself, they can work out an assignment for the attendees to complete in advance – a slide share, video of a speech, or a collection of reading materials – and then spend the actual conference time discussing, or workshopping, the ideas from the assignment.
    HT @jimtiffinjr
Meghan Cureton

The Next Experiment in Education | TIME - 0 views

  • learners can “stack” these micro-credentials.
Meghan Cureton

I Don't Get Digital Badges | User Generated Education - 2 views

    HT @scitechyedu
Jim Tiffin Jr

Elements of the Creative Classroom Framework - 1 views

    Infographic sharing findings from the Horizon 14 report. Note that Innovative Pedagogical Practices sit at the center of the hub.
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