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Troy Patterson

The Five Biggest Fears that Kept Me from Empowering Students - John Spencer - 1 views

    "We want to empower students. However, this can be scary for teachers. Here are some of the fears I felt as a teacher as I made this shift toward student ownership."
Troy Patterson

Message to My Freshman Students | Keith M. Parsons - 1 views

  • Your teachers were not allowed to teach, but were required to focus on preparing you for those all-important standardized tests.
  • Your teachers were held responsible if you failed, and expected to show that they had tried hard to avoid that dreaded result.
  • First, I am your professor, not your teacher. There is a difference.
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  • Teachers are evaluated on the basis of learning outcomes, generally as measured by standardized tests. If you don't learn, then your teacher is blamed.
  • We should not foolishly expect them to listen to us, but instead cater to their conditioned craving for constant stimulation.
  • Hogwash. You need to learn to listen.
  • Critical listening means that are not just hearing but thinking about what you are hearing. Critical listening questions and evaluates what is being said and seeks key concepts and unifying themes. Your high school curriculum would have served you better had it focused more on developing your listening skills rather than drilling you on test-taking.
  • For an academic, there is something sacred about a citation. The proper citation of a source is a small tribute to the hard work, diligence, intelligence and integrity of someone dedicated enough to make a contribution to knowledge.
  • For you, citations and bibliographies are pointless hoops to jump through and you often treat these requirements carelessly.
  • Your professor still harbors the traditional view that universities are about education. If your aim is to get a credential, then for you courses will be obstacles in your path. For your professor, a course is an opportunity for you to make your world richer and yourself stronger.
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