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Troy Patterson

Helping Students Navigate the World of Texting - 1 views

  • Texting offers some interesting challenges for middle school students as they develop and practice social and emotional interactions with one another.
  • Starting a classroom conversation about texting can help students share and learn together the best ways to navigate the world of texting. Teachers could Have students discuss texting in "pair shares" Visit with students asking for pros and cons from every student (if you have a small enough group) Include as an essay topic the things students like or don't like about texting
Troy Patterson

The best way to understand math is learning how to fail productively - Quartz - 1 views

  • Students who are presented with unfamiliar concepts, asked to work through them, and then taught the solution significantly outperform those who are taught through formal instruction and problem-solving. The approach is both utterly intuitive—we learn from mistakes—and completely counter-intuitive: letting kids flail around with unfamiliar math concepts seems both inefficient and potentially damaging to their confidence.
  • So far, teachers have mixed reactions. They recognize that the approach is good but they worry about efficiency and standardized tests: will kids fall on high-stakes national and international tests?
  • Kapur uses the research to make his case. Students get more output (deeper learning) for the same input (hours of instruction), which presents another problem: teachers have to get out of the way. “They [teachers] say it’s stressful to teach this way,” he says. “It’s easier to tell them [students] what you know.”
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  • In fact, Kapur theorizes in one of his studies that direct instruction might close students’ minds. Once a teacher presents a solution, students may no longer see the possibility of other solutions, or more creative approaches.
Troy Patterson

How to Use Diigo's New Outlining Tool: Social Bookmarking Made Easy @coolcatteacher - 0 views

    "One ream of paper is 6% of a tree! It is estimated that a page of paper costs 6 cents each in terms of waste."
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