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Irene Hukkelhoven

Eating Red Meat May Boost Death Risk - 2 views

    More than 500,000 men and women between the age of 50 and 71 participated in this 10-year study that concludes that 11% of deaths in men and 16% of deaths in women could have been prevented if participants cut their red meat consumption. [The study was published 3 years ago, but it's still interesting]. Mostly empirical, though also a bit subjective.
Teddy Weaver

Reduction in Earthquake Probabilities - 0 views

    im thinking empirical
Anas Alfuntukh

Can Lightning Strike the Same Place Twice? - 0 views

    It is very interesting...
Seth Friedman

114-Year-Old Attributes Longevity to Sheer Random Chance | The Onion - America's Finest... - 0 views

    McCreeley seems to invoke the axiomatic notion of probability, but her view is likely much more subjective.
Joe Cassiere

Weather Talk: Super Bowl city's probability of snow inaccurate in stories - 0 views

    This uses empirical probability, since although it isn't cited, it presumably uses data to assess the probability
Jon Getz

Cousin Sal's Super Bowl Props - 0 views

    Subjective because the odds are made up by Las Vegas and/or Cousin Sal
colin thomas

Asteroid May Hit Earth - 1 views

    Subjective probability, however simulations can be run large numbers of times to give a more empirically subjective probability.

Super Bowl Probability: Giants, Just Barely - - 0 views

    I think this is empirical and a little subjective because he chose what statistics to use.
Taylor Madison

USB - 2 views

    I know its not from the news but I couldn't resist.

    50%: empirical
    89%: subjective
    So, so true...
Joseph Newman

Should Sluggers Ever Bunt? - 0 views

    empirical probability

High School Team That Doesn't Punt - NFL Films Presents - 1 views

    empirical probability

    (skip to 1:00)
zachary sanicola

There's A 82% Chance That California's Public Pension System Will Run Out Of Money - 1 views

    I believe it's empirical because of the calculations done
Sarah Ruhsa

Georgia groundhog predicts early spring | Pensacola News Journal | - 0 views

    "Beau's caretakers at the Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn say he has a 94 percent accuracy rating..."

    I'd say this is an example of subjective probability.
Peter McNally

Earth 2012 - 2012 Earthquakes Probability Chances Increasing After Haiti And Chile - 0 views

Christopher Lioi

Satellite crash site, narrowing the probability | NowPublic News Coverage - 1 views

    This article approaches probability axiomatically. The scientists first estimated how many of the fragments of satellite would burn up on reentry based on their size. Then, for the components they expect survived the reentry, they determined the probability that they would hit any populated area and cause damage. They reasoned that since most of the planet's surface is water, there is a greater probability for the satellite debris to land in the ocean rather than on land.
Josh Jones

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Low probability of ice collapse - 0 views

    This article contains axiomatic probability because it checks the ways this specific event can occur (West Antarctic Sheet collapsing) and compares it to the number of outcomes that can occur (whether it collapses or remains). 
Tyler Cooksey

Super Bowl XLVI Prop Bets - 1 views

    For all the odds that don't really matter.
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