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Taylor Madison

Bruff's Final Exam - 6 views

shared by Taylor Madison on 16 Apr 12 - No Cached
Derek Bruff liked it
Derek Bruff

xkcd: Lakes and Oceans - 2 views

shared by Derek Bruff on 09 Apr 12 - No Cached
    xkcd delivers another great data visualization, this time of the ocean depths
Derek Bruff - **Java Demos for Probability and Statistics - 1 views

    A collection of Java apps that demonstrate various ideas in probability and statistics
James Booge

Massive Health - Are Bananas Really as Bad for you as Cookies? [infographic] - 1 views

    Infographic comparing bananas and cookies
Scott Yeskie

Track mid-term voting intentions - 0 views

    Pagination is interesting for splitting up into sections
zachary sanicola

Geography of the basketball court - 0 views

    In the quest to better understand the "average" NBA shooter, kirk goldsburg (an assistant professor of geography at Mich State, has begun making composite shooting charts for each position in the league.
mehdi hailouch

infographic - 1 views

    An infographic looking at various nutrition and health factors in Guiness as opposed to other beer brands, coupled with general consumption statistics.
    Guiness Vs. Beer
Joseph Newman

Vitamin D - 1 views

    Information Is Beautiful UK Hardback Order. The Visual Miscellaneum US version. Order.
Omotoyosi Taiwo

America's View on Evolution and Creationism (Infographic) | BioLogos - 1 views

    The BioLogos Forum is pleased to present this infographic about science and faith in America. The graphic, titled "America's View on Evolution and Creationism," uses data from Gallup Research, The New York Times, and the Pew Research Center to show what Americans currently believe about the origins of humans.
Christopher Lioi

The evolution of the web - 0 views

    A cool interactive thing about the history of web browsers.  This sort of thing is obviously too complicated to do on our presentations, but it's a cool design and several salient design features can be gleaned from it.
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