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Christopher Lioi

Occupational Employment Statistics | Data.Gov | Open Federal Data - 0 views

    Wage estimates for over 800 occupations.
Teddy Weaver

Undergraduate grade inflation - 0 views


Transport Modelling - Mode Choice Models - 0 views

    Mode choice is the step in the transportation planning process that determines the probability that travelers will choose different modes (transit, pedestrian, auto) to reach their destination
Ben Draffin

Net Index by Ookla - 0 views

shared by Ben Draffin on 24 Feb 12 - Cached
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    This is a sister website of the very popular, which does many millions of internet download/upload tests every month. Aggregating that data across the world provides some pretty robust statistics on regional and national connectivity speed. You probably never knew South Dakota had the second highest average download rate in the country.,1/United-States/
    I'm guessing that's related to their cheap power and ample space in encouraging data centers to move in.
    This is a branch of Computer Science, springboarded by my Computer Engineering major.
Christopher Lioi - 0 views

    This seminal text explores in some detail the statistical nature of material failure and presents theory of stochastic analysis of such systems.  The statistical nature of fatigue failure is in fact a significant point of concern in design of mechanical structures that undergo repeated or alternating loading.

Engineer Salary - 0 views

    Software Engineer Salaries in major software companies
Anurag Bose

Cost: Regular Electricity vs. Solar Electricity statistcs - 0 views

    Statistics comparing solar vs regular electricity costs vs other methods used to generate electricty
Kevin Johnson

Sorting and Order Statistics - 0 views

    Statistics are used to compare sorting algorithms in computer science. The most commonly used way to do this is by analyzing their "Big O" value.
Seth Friedman

PS Vita: 'Price-Cut Essential To Stimulate Sales' - Analyst - NowGamer - 0 views

    Discusses the likelihood of Sony selling 12.4 million PS Vita units.
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