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Technology and the collaborative learning model - 4 views

    Some new features and apps are getting more popular in UK for collaborative platforms. This news give some examples and also some usage styles and benefits of these apps for the individualized and group works.
    That tool (wepresent) is efficient but I think it may not be as user-friendly as like told at the article. Because there will be online platform that you can create your slide and share with your class and it can be more basic inspite of some less possibility.
Ceren Korkmaz

Coursera | Online Courses From Top Universities. Join for Free - 5 views

    Coursera is one of the best platforms for computer supported collaborative learning. There are numerous classes from the top universities in the world, and the expansion of these classes are run through discussions in class forums. Lots of people get together to create projects and share them with their peers.
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    First time I watched about these kind of programs and efectiveness in education i had some questionmarks in my mind. Because according to the documentary, it was not as effective as going to school and it was not so much fun to take an online course. That is why drop-outs of school was pretty high at that time. But this looks more effective and more suitable for learning for sure! thanks for sharing!
    Although online courses has some disadvantages, that platform is beyond online courses I think because it allow followers interaction instead of just slides or videos. Also I do not remember the exact details but when that platform was founded, the demand for one course was over the expected and the system was broken. Then, the same lesson began to be given as formal education and at all users who completed the course with 100 points are the ones who take the course online.
    Coursera was suggested me to improve my academic speaking skills by my adviser so I have a coursera account :) There are presentations, online courses, online exams and homework etc. Also, you can get a certificate that is valid international after completing the course successfully. Unfortunately, I did not benefit from it because the price of the course was too high, therefore I gave up the course.

Beyond Amplification - 1 views

    In this article Roy Pea, who is one of the pioneers of learning sciences, discussing how computers are changing our cognitive lifes beyond amplifying. Article first supports this proposition, then discusses implications of applying computer-based technologies into education. Lastly it suggests updating educational practices in order to be harmonious with this new emerging cognitive life. This article is also important for being quite early, it constitutes one of the foot stones of the learning sciences area.

Are Online Learners Frustrated with Collaborative Learning Experiences? - 1 views

    The paper discusses how learners in online platforms can be frustrated and aims to to characterize the feelings of frustration among online learners engaged in online computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) experiences and to identify the sources to which the learners attribute their frustration.
    The article is about specifying the sources of student frustration in the online CSCL context.
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