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Mike Wesch

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shared by Mike Wesch on 15 Jan 09 - Cached
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    41 KB Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)13:18:48 No.109831589   [Reply]
    Real Life memes GO
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    >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)13:26:07 No.109832717
    Good one!
    >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)13:26:42 No.109832813
    Mike Wesch

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    • racist website Andrew Quinn 01/15/09(Thu)13:13:48 No.109830862   [Reply]
      you guys disgust me. my son was on this site yesterday then ran to me crying about all the racism on this site, and repetitive use of the word 'nigger' for your information i am proud of my skin colour. you're all such spotty little nerds you hide in your basement behind the guise of 'anonymous' thinking it allows you to say whatever you want. you sicken me. if you want to call me a 'nigger' say it to my face.....

      17 Quorn Road
      NG5 1DT
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      >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)13:17:29 No.109831398
      On behalf of the internet I would like to apologise if your son was offended by this site. It is only a few bad apples that use that horrible and offensive word. I shall be sending a bucket of fried chicken and some mellons to you tonight.
      >> Anonymous
      César E. Concepción-Acevedo

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