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What is a firewall? | Network World - 0 views

    A good short article about firewalls.

How Computers Compress Text: Huffman Coding and Huffman Trees - YouTube - 0 views

    A great video detailing how Huffman trees compress text. Very insightful into one method of data compression; something we often take for granted.

Intent-Based Networking And Why You Should Care - 0 views

    Will networks require less manual intervention in the future? This article briefly explains intent-based networking and could potentially be an answer to that question.

Malware Lets a Drone Steal Data by Watching a Computer's Blinking LED - 0 views

    A few hours after dark one evening earlier this month, a small quadcopter drone lifted off from the parking lot of Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, Israel. It soon trained its built-in camera on its target, a desktop computer's tiny blinking light inside a third-floor office nearby.

An Anonymous group just took down a fifth of the dark web - 0 views

    Visitors to more than 10,000 Tor-based websites were met with an alarming announcement this morning: "Hello, Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked." A group affiliating itself with Anonymous had...

Not strictly networking, but possibly one of the most useful articles I've ever read - 3 views

If you've got a windows pc, chances are it's constantly annoying you to upgrade to windows 10. Here's how to make it stop

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Xerox PARC's new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds - 0 views

    Not specifically about networking, but an interesting article regardless.
Bill Genereux

This tool can warn you about evil access points nearby | Computerworld - 0 views

    A new open-source tool can periodically scan an area for rogue Wi-Fi access points and can alert network administrators if any are found. The tool, called EvilAP_Defender, was designed specifically to detect malicious access points that are configured by attackers to mimic legitimate ones in order to trick users to connect to them.
    A new open-source tool can periodically scan for rogue Wi-Fi access points and alert network administrators if they're found.
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