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IBM doubles down on data with four new cloud tools - 0 views

    Data is what makes today's business world go 'round, and IBM on Thursday launched a suite of new tools designed to help companies make the most of what they've got. Targeting developers and data scientists, the four new offerings are part of IBM's Cloud Data Services portfolio.

10 best IT jobs in America - 3 views

    Anonymous career review and job search site Glassdoor recently released the 2016 edition of its annual Best Jobs in America list and, not surprising, nearly half of the 25 jobs are in the IT industry.
Bill Genereux

Go-Back-N - YouTube - 1 views


Facebook goes down for the third times in 3 weeks - 0 views

    Facebook's website and mobile app went down for some users Monday afternoon - the third outage for the social network in as many weeks. While Facebook's website appeared to load very slowly for some users, the app and website were inaccessible to many Monday afternoon.

Xerox PARC's new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds - 0 views

    Not specifically about networking, but an interesting article regardless.

In-flight WiFi speeds up - 2 views

    Gogo's 2Ku service received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration this week, clearing the way for it to be installed on commercial airplanes later this year.

Loon for All - Project Loon - Google - 0 views

    Project Loon looks to use a global network of high-altitude balloons to connect people in rural and remote areas who have no Internet access at all, help fill coverage gaps for areas that can't be served profitably by existing providers, and rapidly connect people after disasters when existing infrastructure has been compromised.

How Google's Networking Infrastructure Has Evolved Over The Last 10 Years - 0 views

    Google today announced that it wants to fix your home Wi-Fi, but internally, it has long been working on far more complex networking issues. To connect the hundreds of thousands of machines that make up a Google data center, you can't just use a few basic routers and switches.
Bill Genereux

This tool can warn you about evil access points nearby | Computerworld - 0 views

    A new open-source tool can periodically scan an area for rogue Wi-Fi access points and can alert network administrators if any are found. The tool, called EvilAP_Defender, was designed specifically to detect malicious access points that are configured by attackers to mimic legitimate ones in order to trick users to connect to them.
    A new open-source tool can periodically scan for rogue Wi-Fi access points and alert network administrators if they're found.

5G researchers achieve 1 Tbps - 0 views

    Record-breaking speeds have been achieved during tests of 5G data connections, scientists have said. Researchers at the University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) managed one terabit per second (Tbps) - many thousands of times faster than current data connections. The head of the 5GIC said he hoped to demonstrate the technology to the public in 2018.

IPv6 and IPv4 questions and answers - 1 views

What happened to IPv5? Version 5 of the IP family was an experimental protocol developed in the 1980s. IPv5 (also called the Internet Stream Protocol) was never widely deployed. Since the number 5 ...

http:__www.internetsociety.org_ipv6-frequently-asked-questions networking Internet technology network security

started by mgdedonder on 01 Mar 15 no follow-up yet

AT&T is putting a price on privacy. - 0 views

    AT&T is going to track and monetize the webpages you visit, the time you spend on each, the links or ads you see and follow, and the search terms you enter if you have their new gigabit broadband service (such as in Kansas City). If you don't want to be tracked, "fortunately" they let you opt-out for a $29 / month fee.

Kansas State University - 1 views

    Kansas State University Salina's unmanned aircraft systems program flies a small quadcopter with a multispectral camera over a cornfield in northeast Kansas. | Download this photo. SALINA - Kansas State University Salina has reached a national milestone in the unmanned aircraft systems industry, becoming the first entity in the country to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, for statewide access during flight operations.

Scientists propose 'cortical modem' implant to give you Terminator vision - CNET - 0 views

    US military research agency DARPA forsees a tiny implant that could restore sight loss or give you a heads-up display without a helmet or glasses. Forget HoloLens, forget smart glasses and forget augmented reality -- scientists have proposed a "cortical modem" that plugs into your DNA and your visual cortex to cure sight loss and show a heads-up display in front of your very eyes.
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