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Bitcoin is now higher reversing earlier losses that brought it below $10,000 - 0 views

    This article shares how bitcoin isn't yet dead and is still on the rise

What is Fog Computing? - 0 views

    Fog provides the missing link for what data needs to be pushed to the cloud, and what can be analyzed locally. This means that we can connect cars, cities, and infrastructures together through a network of "fog".

As AI and robots rise up, do humans need an upgrade too? - 0 views

    Forget hacking a computer. Some researchers want to hack the brain to create human superintelligence to compete with AI.

What is a firewall? | Network World - 0 views

    A good short article about firewalls.

Intent-Based Networking And Why You Should Care - 0 views

    Will networks require less manual intervention in the future? This article briefly explains intent-based networking and could potentially be an answer to that question.
jz2097 - 1 views

This explains how routers are updating and becoming faster, making our internet faster and making it so we won't have to deal with any sort of buffering time.

internet computing

started by jz2097 on 08 Sep 17 no follow-up yet

Dark Web: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic - 1 views

    This article gives a good brief overview of the Dark Web. For anyone unfamiliar with the Dark Web it's a great start to be informed and spark your interest.

LTE-U vs. Wi-Fi Battle Edges Toward a Peaceful Settlement - 0 views

    Interesting as I had not heard of LTE-U until now. The same frequencies are very important to me for UAS as one is commonly used for command and one for video down link.
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