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Brendan Murphy

Type 4 - Learning at Home | NNPS - 0 views

  • How to help at home with homework
  • Regular schedule of interactive homework that requires students to demonstrate and discuss what they are learning in class
Brendan Murphy

New schools chief Brizard largely likable but often not liked - Chicago Sun-Times - 0 views

  • “put children first”
    • Brendan Murphy
      A lot of people say they put children first, but where is the proof?
  • As a former New York City high school teacher and principal he carries the in-the-trenches experience
    • Brendan Murphy
      This is a nice change
  • in-school suspension
    • Brendan Murphy
      This is better than out of school suspensions. Is there a third alternative?
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  • principals more accountable
Brendan Murphy

Learning to listen to student voice: part 1 - 1 views

  • your real target audience is those pupils who are not apparently articulate about what it is that helps them to learn.
  • gathering the views of students isn’t a one-off exercise
  • It also implies some subtle shifts in the balance of power
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  • This is not about handing over power and associated responsibility
Brendan Murphy

Type 2 - Communicating | NNPS - 0 views

  • Beginning of School Year Cookout
  • Parent-Principal Coffees
  • Welcome Back Picnic
Brendan Murphy

Type 1 - Parenting | NNPS - 0 views

  • but also the content of that meeting to be viewed, heard, or read at convenient times and varied locations.
Brendan Murphy

Confusing Technology Integration with Instructional Reform « Larry Cuban on S... - 0 views

  • Many teachers and principals have said repeatedly to the point of the words being cliched: “integrating technology is not about technology, it is about learning.” Yet those who buy and deploy new technologies continue to seek “educational uses”  for the electronic devices.
    • Brendan Murphy
      Buy the technology you need not educational technology
  • The instructional focus shifts from being teacher-centered to being learner-centered…. Traditional verbal activities are gradually replaced by authentic hands-on-inquiry related to a problem….”
  • Why, she asks, should K-12 teachers’ roles change to integrate technology effectively?
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  • These two reasons, technocentrism and pedagogical dogmatism, Harris argues, explain why for decades, enthusiastic policymakers, researchers, and practitioners have confused technology integration (involving  the perennial conflict of content vs. skills) with technology as an instrument for pedagogical reform (moving from teacher-centered to learner-centered instruction).
  • Since most technology designers do not understand effective teaching (or are not designing something for teaching purposes), they often focus on making content more appealing or easier to access instead of creating a technology that causes students to more deeply engage mentally with content.
  • When I did my doctoral research, I found that just bringing in technology and showing teachers how it worked did not change pedagogy. I believe that if you want to change pedagogy to a more constructivist approach, you need to tackle this head on and not make it part of some technology project.
Brendan Murphy

The Case Against "Tougher Standards" - 0 views

  • But the current demand for Tougher Standards carries with it a bundle of assumptions about the proper role of schools
  • 1959, John Holt wrote that the main effect "of the drive for so-called higher standards in schools is that the children are too busy to think."
  • frankly, there never was a time when it worked all that well
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  • Accountability" usually turns out to be a code for tighter control over what happens in classrooms by people who are not in classroom
  • Rather than scrambling to comply with its provisions, our obligation is to figure out how best to resist.
Brendan Murphy Technology Counts 2006: Delving Into Data - 0 views

  • from the students' first years in school right up to that very day.
    • Brendan Murphy
      There is such a thing as too much information, but I get the point.
    • Brendan Murphy
      I worked for a compay that sold Pnnicle Analytics and the stuff you can learn from data mining is awesome. Especially when they make an intuitive interface.
  • student identifiers,
    • Brendan Murphy
      I can see how this would raise a lot of privacy concerns
  • Without links to other data, the usefulness of student identifiers is diminished,
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  • Data on Teachers Uneven
    • Brendan Murphy
      I can see how collecting data on teachers is a problem until we answer the question of how do we evaluate quality teachers. What if someone points to a implementation dip and uses that as grounds for termination?
  • use their data to help struggling teachers and to reward successful ones
    • Brendan Murphy
      I like how there is nothing negative. Data is used to help.
  • but the information is used in principals' evaluations of their teachers
    • Brendan Murphy
      But now its used in evaluations
  • While it's useful to have that kind of longitudinal data [for policy purposes]," he says, "one should not impute conclusions about the true depth of a child's intellectual development in terms of math, science, or whatever."
  • results on statewide tests aren't as useful as many policymakers think.
  • Students take the tests at the start of every quarter in every subject, and the results are available the same day. The data are broken down by the racial, ethnic, economic, and other subgroups used in NCLB accountability reports.
    • Brendan Murphy
      I've never understood why it would take any longer.
Brendan Murphy

Creating a Vision - 1 views

  • Once you have clarified your beliefs, build on them to define your mission statement which is a statement of purpose and function.
Brendan Murphy

Apple - ACOT2 - Ubiquitous Access to Technology - 0 views

shared by Brendan Murphy on 20 Aug 10 - Cached
  • high level of 21st century skills, including communication, creativity, collaboration, and leadership skills, and technological proficiency.
    • Brendan Murphy
      STep 7 CBAM is what will the future look like.
Brendan Murphy

Apple - ACOT2 - Social and Emotional Connections with Students - 0 views

  • For example, when students lack social and emotional connections to learning, educators, schools, and their peers, it often leads to behavior issues or disengagement, which inevitability leads to declining achievement and, in the worst cases, students dropping out of high schoo
    • Brendan Murphy
      STep 4 CBAM consequences of actions
  • behavioral motivation
  • emotional engagement (
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  • cognitive engagement
  • Researchers generally agree that learning is inherently social-it happens in the context of interactions and relationships with teachers, peers, family, experts, and others
    • Brendan Murphy
      bud the teacher posed this question in his blog recently.
    • Brendan Murphy
  • They find kindred spirits who fuel joint explorations and productions, reinforce understandings, and provide divergent opinions and clarification of understandings as discussions ensue. In many cases, social interactions enable levels of learning that simply wouldn’t be possible for students to accomplish on their own.
    • Brendan Murphy
      STep 6 CBAM is collaboration
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